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+3,200 points

Design Event-Driven Apps for Real-Time Integration

Build event-driven apps that trigger actions in real time.

~4 hrs 35 mins
+1,100 points

Platform Events Basics

Deliver custom notifications within the Salesforce platform and in external apps.

~50 mins
+400 points

Build an Instant Notification App

Design a system to configure and send custom notifications based on platform events.

~1 hr 5 mins
+1,300 points

Change Data Capture Basics

Synchronize Salesforce records with external data stores by streaming change events.

~1 hr 25 mins
+400 points

Create a Custom Channel and Enrich Change Events

Create a custom Change Data Capture channel and enrich events with Tooling API.

~1 hr 15 mins
~4 hrs 35 mins