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+5,900 points

Learn CRM Fundamentals for Lightning Experience

Understand Salesforce and learn how to navigate, customize, and manage basic CRM features.

~5 hrs 40 mins
+700 points

Salesforce CRM

Learn how to use customer relationship management (CRM) software to grow your business.

~55 mins
+600 points

Accounts & Contacts for Lightning Experience

Discover how accounts and contacts work together in Salesforce.

~30 mins
+1,200 points

Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience

Learn to power your sales process with leads and opportunities in Salesforce.

~1 hr 15 mins
+1,300 points

Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience

Get started with Chatter administration in Lightning Experience.

~1 hr 10 mins
~5 hrs 40 mins