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Sign Up for an Einstein Prediction Builder Trailhead Playground

What You’ll Learn

This project introduces you to Einstein Prediction Builder. You’ll learn how to:
  • Sign up for a special Trailhead Playground with Einstein Prediction Builder.
  • Create custom fields for building and enriching a prediction.
  • Build a prediction to determine the likelihood that restaurant customers won’t show up for their reservations.
  • Create a list view showing your riskiest reservations.


“Welcome to Pizzaiolo Marco! Do you have a reservation?”

As the operations manager of the bustling restaurant chain Pizzaiolo Marco, this phrase is music to your ears. Business has really been picking up lately. Reservations are coming in fast, so it’s a good thing you set up that slick online reservation system. Keeping tables full of happy guests is your personal quest.

The problem is that people with reservations don’t always turn up. In fact, the general manager has noted an increase in the number of no-shows. Life happens, and customers aren’t always diligent about canceling reservations they can’t make. But you need to plan for proper staffing, and your host staff need to know how many walk-ins they can take. If only there were a way to find out which reservations will be no-shows.

You’d like to have the staff call customers to confirm reservations, but there are too many reservations and too few employees. Then you realize it’s lunchtime, so you grab a slice of pizza and start brainstorming.

Work Smarter with Einstein

You’ve always managed to keep Pizzaiolo Marco ahead of the curve. When business started taking off and expanding, you began using Salesforce to manage online reservations. You recently learned that the Salesforce AI platform, Einstein, has a key new feature for solving your reservation no-show problem.

Einstein Prediction Builder lets you make predictions about almost any field in Salesforce with just a few clicks. Then you can use the predictions to power a workflow, focus your efforts, and work smarter. No models. No algorithms. And, best of all, no code. Point. Click. Predict.

Einstein Prediction Builder helps to predict the likelihood that customers show up for a reservation so you can prioritize which customers to call for confirmation. Then you can schedule restaurant staff appropriately, fill more seats, and make more diners happy.

But can you really do that with Einstein Prediction Builder?

Let’s find out.

Sign Up for a Trailhead Playground with Einstein Prediction Builder

To make predictions about Pizzaiolo Marco customers, you need a special Trailhead Playground account that contains Einstein Prediction Builder and Pizzaiolo Marco customer data.
  1. Sign up for a Trailhead Playground with Einstein Prediction Builder.
  2. Fill out the form completely. In the Email field, enter an active email address. In the Username field, enter a unique email address, but it doesn’t have to be a valid email account. For example, your username can be
  3. After you fill out the form, click Sign me up. A confirmation message appears.
  4. When you receive the activation email, open it and click Verify Account.
  5. Complete the registration form. Set your password and enter a security answer.
  6. Click Change Password. You are logged in to your special Trailhead Playground and redirected to the Setup page.
  7. Now connect your new Trailhead Playground to Trailhead so you can pass the challenges in this project. In the Trailhead Playground picklist, select Connect Org.
    NoteNote: When you select Connect Org, you are redirected to a login screen. Enter the username and password for the playground you just set up. At the "Allow Access?" screen, click Allow. At the "Want to connect this org for hands-on challenges?" screen, click Yes! Save it. You are redirected back to the challenge page.
  8. Verify steps to check if your Trailhead Playground org is correctly set up.
  9. Launch your hands-on org to define your prediction settings and access Einstein Prediction Builder. The new hands-on org will open in another browser window.


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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