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Create Custom Profiles

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Update field-level security and create permission sets in an HR recruiting app so that sensitive data can be viewed only by those who need it.
  • Further restrict data access in the app by changing sharing settings.


For this project, you continue customizing AW Computing’s Recruiting app, which the HR team uses as they work to place applicants into open positions in the company. Ling Wu, the vice president of HR, wants to be sure that those who are using the app only see the data they need to see. 

The first step is creating an HR Recruiter profile and setting up the required data access according to Ling’s specifications. It’s best practice to not assign standard profiles to users. Instead, even if you’re not making any changes, clone the Standard Profiles and assign the clones to users. That way, if a user needs permissions or access to a custom object in the future, the cloned profiles can be updated easily.


Before you can do this project, you must complete the Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App, Customize the User Interface for a Recruiting App, and Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App projects. The work you do here builds on the work you complete in those projects.

Create Profiles

Before creating the new profile, customize how profiles are viewed.

  1. From Setup, enter User Management Settings in the Quick Find box, and select User Management Settings.
  2. Set Enhanced Profile User Interface to Disabled (if it’s not already).

Now create an HR Recruiter profile and set its object permissions.

  1. From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, and select Profiles.
  2. From the list of profiles, find Standard User.
  3. Click Clone.

View of the Profile list with the Standard profile highlighted

  1. For Profile Name, enter HR Recruiter.
  2. Click Save.
  3. While still on the HR Recruiter profile page, click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to Custom Object Permissions and change the Basic Access for each object to reflect the table below.








    Job Applications

    Job Postings

    Job Posting Sites



  5. Click Save.

Now that you’ve created a new profile with the access Ling Wu requested, move on to the next step, where you continue tightening data security by adjusting field-level security, creating permission sets, and creating sharing settings.

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