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In this project, you’ll get hands-on practice setting up some of the basic but oh-so-useful functions a business needs when implementing Salesforce—from adding users and creating Chatter groups to modifying your data model to fit your business needs and automating processes for max efficiency.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to get some important functions going for team members in your Customer Support department. By going through these exercises, you’ll learn what's possible with the Salesforce platform and some of its specific applications. So let’s dive in.

Launch a New Trailhead Playground

Before you begin, we strongly recommend creating a new Trailhead Playground. To do this, scroll to the bottom of this page, click the three dots next to Launch, and select Create a Trailhead Playground. It typically takes 3–4 minutes for Salesforce to create your Trailhead Playground.

Note: Yes, we really mean a brand-new Trailhead playground! If you use an existing org or playground, you can run into problems completing this project.

Create New Users

It just takes a few clicks, and you’re ready to enter a new user’s information into your Salesforce org. Some fields are mandatory (such as name and email), and others can be skipped if they’re not applicable to a particular user.


The email address you fill in for a new user auto-populates to become that user’s username. Each username must be unique within Salesforce, but that’s not the case with email addresses. For this project, you’ll fill in your own email address for new users. When their usernames auto-populate with your email address, replace the usernames with a unique username using this formula:user’s first initial + user’s last name @ your initials + your favorite color + .com. For example:

Kenya Collins, the manager over your Customer Support department, asked you to add her new team members to your org. Let’s start by creating a user record for Fumiko Suzuki, a member of the Customer Support team headquartered in Japan. Use these details:

  1. Click the setup gear Gear icon and select Setup.
  2. Enter Users in the Quick Find Box, then select UsersArrow pointing to the Quick Find textbox in Setup
  3. Click New User. Complete the new user record with these details:
    Field Value
    First Name Fumiko
    Last Name Suzuki
    Alias fsuzu
    Email (enter an email address)
    Username (auto-populates with your email address-replace using the formula in the yellow note box above)
    Nickname fsuzuki
    Title Customer Support Rep
    Department Customer Support
    Role Customer Support, International
    User License Salesforce Platform
    Profile Standard Platform User
  4. Next, fill in her Locale settings, including time zone and language.
    • Time Zone = (GMT +09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo)
    • Locale = Japanese (Japan)
    • Language = Japanese
  5. Click Save & New.
  6. Follow the same steps to add American-based customer support rep Aaron Hartzler, sticking with the default locale settings and using these details:
    Field Value
    First Name Aaron
    Last Name Hartzler
    Alias ahart (auto-populates)
    Email (fill in your own email address)
    Username (auto-populates with your email address-replace using the formula in the yellow note box above)
    Nickname ahartzler
    Title Customer Support Rep
    Department Customer Support
    Role Customer Support, North America
    User License Salesforce
    Profile Standard User
  7. Click Save.

Verify Your Email Address

In a future step, you will be sending a test email from within Salesforce. Salesforce requires that users have a verified email address to send emails through Salesforce, such as sends to contacts or leads. So while you are setting up users, it is a perfect time to verify your user email address is well... verified.

  1. From setup, click Users.
  2. Click on [your name] to open the Advanced User Details.
  3. Click [Verify] next to your email address. Note: If it already says [Verified] next your email address then you are good and do not need to do anything additional.
  4. Click OK in the pop-up window.
  5. Check your email and click the verification link.

Now that you’ve set up a few users, move on to the next step where you’ll help them get chatty.

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