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Work with Opportunities in the Kanban View

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The Opportunity Kanban is a visual summary of all the opportunities for a particular sales path.

By seeing all opportunities at once, sales reps can keep deals moving forward and sales managers can effectively monitor the pipeline and ensure everyone’s staying on course.

Members of the sales team have asked for guidance on how to customize what they see when they view their Opportunity detail pages. 

Change the View

  1. Click the Opportunities tab.
  2. From the Opportunities picklist, select My Opportunities.
  3. Click the Display Options button Display Options button to open the display menu.
  4. Select Kanban.
    Note: You may have noticed the Record Types (B2B Opportunities & Uncategorized) are now listed above the Sales Path. You can toggle between the two Record Types but for testing purposes, we'll keep Uncategorized selected.

Next, show the sales reps how to customize the card fields in their view:

  1. Click the List View Controls button List View Controls button to open the list view menu.
  2. Click Select Fields to Display.
  3. In the Available Fields list, use the right- and left-facing arrows to add and remove options from the Visible Fields list until only these options remain:
    • Opportunity Name
    • Amount
    • Expected Revenue
    • Owner Full Name
  4. Use the up-facing arrow to be sure the options are in the same order as listed in the image below. Available Fields list screenshot
  5. Click Save.

Add a Filter

Now, show them how they can filter their view. For example, show all opportunities with a probability of 20% or more.

  1. Click the Filter button Filter button to open the filter menu.
  2. Click Add Filter.
  3. Create the new filter with these parameters:
    • Field = Probability (%)
    • Operator = greater or equal
    • Value = 20
  4. Click Done.
  5. Click Save.

Add a Chart

Finally, they can add a customized chart to the Kanban View.

  1. Click the Chart button Charts button to open the chart menu.
  2. From the chart picklist, select Pipeline By Stage.
  3. Click Chart Settings Settings button under the chart, then select Vertical Bar Chart.

Chart added to Kanban

Move an Opportunity

The Kanban view also allows your sales team to move opportunities from one stage to another by simply dragging and dropping. Give them a demo.

  1. Click the Charts button to hide the chart.
  2. Drag the card for United Oil Plant Standby Generators from the Needs Analysis stage to the Value Proposition stage.
    • Note that the dollar amounts at the top of the columns automatically recalculate.

Hurray! You’ve reached the end of your journey down the sales path path. You’ve created a sales process and a record type, customized qualification stages, and worked with the sales path Kanban view. Now your sales reps can easily access the information they need to reach their final destination: sealing the deal.

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