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Create a Configurable Bundle with Options and Features

Follow Along with Trail Together

Want to follow along with an expert as you work through this step? Take a look at this video, part of the Trail Together series. 

(This clip starts at the 3:32 minute mark, in case you want to rewind and watch the beginning of the step again.)


Now that you have a Trailhead Playground with Salesforce CPQ ready to use, let’s jump right in and create a bundle for the Home Security Console. This is a set of 10 products that should always appear together whenever your sales reps add the Home Security Console product to a quote. You also add a little structure to categorize products within the bundle. When you’re done, your bundle looks like this.

Configuration page for the Home Security Bundle

Create a Bundle from the Home Security Console Product

Every bundle is really just a bunch of products tied to a lead product, one that’s always part of the set. In this example, the Home Security Console is that lead product. In CPQ, Product Options are the glue that connects the lead product with its followers. Let’s use these options now to tell CPQ which products belong in the Home Security Console set and how they should behave in the set.

  1. Click the App Launcher ( App Launcher icon ), and then click the Salesforce CPQ tile.
  2. Click Products in the navigation bar, then choose the All Products list view.
  3. Click Home Security Console.
  4. Click the Related tab.
  5. In the Options related list, click New.
  6. In the Optional SKU field, search for and select Door Sensor.
    This tells CPQ that the Door Sensor product should be included in the bundle.
  7. In the Number field, enter 10.
    The Number field determines how Salesforce sorts options on the page. The first option is usually 10, the second option is 20, and so on.
  8. Check Required.
    This preselects the option and prevents sales reps from deselecting it. (Checking Selected preselects the option but allows sales reps to deselect it.)
  9. In the Min Quantity field, enter 1.
    This means that sales reps must sell at least one Door Sensor, which is necessary for our security system to work.
  10. Click Save.

Excellent, you have the start of a bundle. Now, whenever a sales rep adds the Home Security Console to a quote, the Door Sensor tags along. Repeat the steps to create the remaining eight options in the table below for the Home Security Bundle. Note that some options have different settings, resulting in slightly different behavior. Only change a field if there’s a value indicated on the table.

Optional SKU Number Selected Required Quantity Quantity Editable Result
Window Sensor

Appears preselected, starting quantity of 1 is editable
Motion Sensor

Appears unselected, starting quantity of 1 is editable
Exterior Camera

Appears preselected, starting quantity of 1 is editable
Doorbell Camera

Appears preselected, starting quantity of 1 is editable
Interior Camera

Appears unselected, starting quantity of 1 is editable
Home Security Monitoring


Appears selected, cannot be unselected, quantity of 1 cannot be edited
Home Security Installation


Appears preselected, quantity of 1 cannot be edited
Deterrent Window Decal

Appears preselected, starting quantity of 2 is editable

Create and Assign Features

You can organize long lists of options within a bundle using the Feature bundling tool. Features typically appear as boxes around similar options. For example, we can put the Door, Window, and Motion Sensor into a Feature named Sensors. Below is what you see before and after assigning features to options.

Comparison of Configuration page with and without features

You can also use this tool to force sales reps to choose a certain number of options within a given feature, like the Cameras feature above.

The Home Security Console bundle needs three features. Let’s create these now and then assign them to the appropriate options.

  1. In the Features related list, click New.
  2. In the Feature Name field, enter Sensors.
  3. In the Number field, enter 10.
    This is like the Number field on the Option records, it sorts features from top to bottom down the page.
  4. In the Min Options field, enter 0.
    We don’t need to impose a minimum number of selected sensor options, but the Min Options field is required.
  5. Click Save & New.
  6. In the Feature Name field, enter Cameras.
  7. In the Number field, enter 20.
    Leave the Min Options as 1, meaning sales reps must choose at least one camera for the bundle.
  8. Click Save & New.
  9. In the Feature name field, enter Service.
  10. In the Number field, enter 30.
  11. In the Min Options field, enter 0.
  12. Click Save.
    Next we assign features to their respective options.
  13. From the Options related list, click Edit from the dropdown menu for Door Sensor.
  14. In the Feature field, search for and select Sensors.
  15. Click Save.

Good job, the Door Sensor is in the Sensors feature. Update these remaining options using the three features you’ve created. Note that you don’t assign the Deterrent Window Decal to a feature, so it automatically appears under Other Options.

Option Feature
Window Sensor
Motion Sensor
Exterior Camera
Doorbell Camera
Interior Camera
Home Security Monitoring
Home Security Installation

Set the Home Security Console Bundle to Show Configuration Immediately

As it stands, your Home Security Console bundle doesn’t automatically show the configuration page. Instead, sales reps must know to click the wrench icon ( Configure Product icon ) in the Quote Line Editor to access it. Let’s change the bundle so that sales reps immediately go into configuration after selecting the Home Security Console—no extra clicks required.

  1. On the Home Security Console product screen, click Edit.
  2. For the Configuration Type field, choose Allowed.
  3. For the Configuration Event field, choose Always.
  4. Click Save.

Add the Home Security Console Bundle to a Quote

You’ve done a lot of work. Now let’s test it by pretending to be a sales rep and seeing what happens when you add the Home Security Console bundle to a quote.

  1. Click Accounts in the navigation bar, then choose the All Accounts list view.
  2. Click The Fernando Estate.
  3. Click the Related tab.
  4. From the Quotes related list, click Q-00009.
  5. Click Edit Lines.
    The first time the page loads, it can take a few minutes. Subsequent page loads are faster.
  6. Click Add Products.
  7. Check the box next to the Home Security Console product.
  8. Click Select.
    This brings you to the Configure Products page, where sales reps customize bundles by checking or unchecking Options and changing quantities.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Save.

Well done. Your quote now includes a new Home Security Bundle, and it took no time at all. Building the bundle as an admin makes selling the bundle as a sales rep a walk in the park.


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