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Add Branding and Components to the Community

Make It Pretty

The Category 1 Biking community is coming along. In this step, we add custom branding, update components, and put the finishing touches on the community. Let’s get started.

Click Content Management [1] then Builder [2] to open the Community Builder.

Select Content Targeting and select Builder.

We begin by adding branding to the community, and updating our navigation menu.

Update the Headline

  1. Click the Headline component.
    Select the Headline component

  2. Update the headline as follows.
    • Title: Category 1 Biking
    • Banner Text: Welcome to the community!

Update the Theme

  1. Select Theme.
    Select Branding

  2. Under Colors, choose any palette.
  3. Under Images, click Header Image and click Upload Image to upload an image. Choose header.jpg from the zip file you downloaded earlier.

Update the Navigation Menu

  1. Click the Navigation Menu component.
    Click the Navigation Menu component
  2. Click Navigation Menu.
  3. Click + Add Menu Item.
  4. Define the Menu Item as follows.
    • Name: Cases
    • Type: Salesforce Object
    • Object Type: Case
    • Default List View: My Open Cases
  5. Click Save Menu.
  6. Click Publish.

Add the Chat Snap-In and Article Components

  1. Select Components.
    Select Components

  2. Locate the Snap-ins Chat [1] and Trending Articles by Topic [2] components.
    Go to Components. The Snap-ins Chat component is under the Support menu, and the Trending Articles by Topic Component is under the Topics menu.

  3. Select Snap-ins Chat and drag it to the sidebar, beneath the Ask a Question component. Close the Snap-ins Chat dialogue box.
  4. Select Trending Articles by Topic, and drag it to the sidebar beneath the Snap-ins Chat component. Close the Trending Articles by Topic dialogue box.
    Screenshot of the Snap-in chat and Trending Articles by Topic components placed below the Ask a Question button

Publish Your Community

  1. Click Publish.
  2. On the Publish Your Community confirmation screen, click Publish, then Got It.

You receive an email confirmation once your community is published. Click the link in your email to see your community live!