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Install the Package

Install the Package in your Trailhead Playground

In the previous step, you uploaded an audio file. Now you install a Lightning Web Component that makes the sound play. 

First, scroll to the bottom of this page and click Launch to launch your playground. If you see a tab in your org labeled Install a Package, great! Follow the steps below. If not, from the App Launcher ( ), find and select Playground Starter and follow the steps. If you don’t see the Playground Starter app, copy this package installation link and check out Install a Package or App to Complete a Trailhead Challenge on Trailhead Help.

  1. Click the Install a Package tab.
  2. Paste 04t1U000007sa55QAA into the field.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Select Install for Admins Only, then click Install.

If you prefer to install with the Salesforce CLI, use sf package install --package 04t1U000007sa55QAA.

Keep Going!

Now you have the package and the audio file installed. Up next, you create a custom metadata record.

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