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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to enable both agencies and providers to track service delivery.
  • Describe how to streamline the creation of learning programs.
  • Describe how to empower your fundraisers to raise more money.
  • Explain how to better understand constituents in order to suggest proactive actions.
  • Explain how to maximize productivity across your campus.

Provider Service Delivery Data Model

Public Sector

Capture and store data related to provider service delivery, like attendance and payment records, to enable both agencies and providers to track service delivery.

Learn more about Provider Service Delivery Data Model.

Public Sector

Identify qualified providers with a flexible set of search criteria in the context of each case. Once providers are identified, create referrals for them to deliver services.

Learn more about Provider Search.

Constituent Snapshot

Public Sector

Better understand constituents with a consolidated and configurable view of relationships and engagement needs of individual people or related groups. Gain insights to suggest proactive actions.

Education Cloud for Advancement and Alumni Relations


Efficiently manage alum relations, major giving, class campaigns, gift processing, recognition, and stewardship in a single, integrated platform for lifelong learning.

Learn more about Education Cloud for Advancement and Alumni Relations.

Education Cloud Intelligence


Maximize productivity campus-wide with the benefits of AI-driven insights powered by Einstein and pre-built analytics dashboards from CRM Analytics. Plus, use predictive models at your institution with a new AI Accelerator for Education.

The Advisor Console with insights, reports, and appointment analysis.

Learn more about Education Cloud Intelligence.

Learning Program Builder


Streamline the creation of learning programs with a flexible, intuitive, and simplified builder experience to power lifelong learning across traditional degrees and majors, certificates, badges, and micro-programs.

Learn more about Learning Program Builder.

Outcome Management


This new industry-disrupting impact measurement offering allows nonprofits to define, measure, and evaluate outcome strategies in one place.

Learn more about Outcome Management.



A new grants offering lets foundations and nonprofits deliver funding with a portal to support better stakeholder engagement.

Learn more about Grantmaking.



Empower your fundraisers to raise more money with portfolios and source codes, while keeping operations efficient with complex gift management.

Learn more about Fundraising.

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