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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to streamline intake referrals from various channels.
  • Explain how to deliver human-centered, integrated care.
  • Describe how to optimize health consumer engagement with pre-built journey templates.
  • Explain how to centralize relevant onboarding details and status updates.
  • Describe how to create intelligent digital forms that collect the right documents from customers.

Home Health Enhancements

Health Cloud

Deliver connected health in the home with new scheduler dashboards, enhanced visit execution, and Referral Management.

Scheduler dashboard.

Learn more about Home Health Enhancements.

Referral Management Enhancements

Health Cloud

Streamline intake referrals from various channels and manage referral records through patient conversion, all from one system.

Referral Worklist screen.

Learn more about Referral Management Enhancements.

Integrated Care Management Enhancements

Health Cloud

Deliver human-centered, integrated care by helping care coordinators identify care gaps and create tailored care plans.

Care Plan Wizard screen.

Learn more about Integrated Care Management Enhancements.

Advanced Therapy Management Enhancements

Health Cloud

Orchestrate care programs seamlessly with new Chain of Custody capabilities to enable customers to manage the digital trail of custody.

A chain of custody report.

Learn more about Advanced Therapy Management Enhancements.

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Health Cloud

Health Cloud

Synchronize Marketing Cloud Engagement data with Health Cloud and optimize health consumer engagement with pre-built journey templates.

Searching the prebuilt journey assets.

Learn more about Marketing Cloud Engagement for Health Cloud.

Integrated Onboarding Enhancements

Financial Services

Deploy onboarding processes quickly with new out-of-the-box templates for application intake, middle-office workflow orchestration, and account origination. Centralize relevant onboarding details and status updates in the new Onboarding app.

Onboarding app screen.

Learn more about Integrated Onboarding Enhancements.

Service Process Automation Enhancements

Financial Services

Deliver self-service embedded into your digital banking solutions, move faster with an expanded library of pre-built service process templates, and streamline transaction disputes with a dedicated data model and smart intake capabilities.

A service process automation.

Learn more about Service Process Automation Enhancements.

Financial Goals and Plans

Financial Services

Anticipate your customer’s needs by understanding their financial aspirations. Use our pre-packaged goal capture experience or integrate goals from a financial planning platform for a complete picture that drives relevant customer interactions.

Learn more about Financial Goals and Plans.

Document Matrix

Financial Services

Create intelligent digital forms that collect the right documents from customers. Reduce the administrative overhead needed to set up rules for required documents based on customer responses (citizenship, marital status, income type, and so on).

A digital verification form with document upload.

Learn more about Document Matrix.

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