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See What’s New with Communications, Consumer Goods, and Media

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to share insight-driven reports with customers.
  • Explain how to reduce operational expenses and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Describe how to delegate work directly from a dashboard.
  • Explain how to improve product inventory management.
  • Describe how to use historical data to predict baselines and uplifts.

B2B Quoting Process Visualization


Visualize quoting progress and understand dependencies to complete Quote to Order. Create and share insight-driven reports with customers so that key data, like addresses and contact information, can be quickly corrected.

Learn more about B2B Quoting Process Visualization.

New Agent Consoles for B2B and SMB


Use pre-built landing pages with all relevant information and back-office processes to provide an optimum customer experience for all post-sales needs. Reduce operational expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about New Agent Consoles for B2B and SMB.

Enterprise Self-Service Dashboard


The new self-service dashboard gives sales agents a single place to view contracts, manage cases, review quotes, inspect orders, and delegate work to the right stakeholders, using pre-built workflows and Slack integrations.

Cart-Based API Services


Increase scalability and performance with cart-based API services in core.

Learn more about Cart-Based API Services.

Dynamic Agent Dashboard


Easily visualize enterprise contacts, billing, customer accounts, employee accounts, and assets. With a pre-built console for all post-sales needs, sales agents can improve operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. 

Enterprise Asset Management Enhancements


Asset Viewer and Asset-to-Order enhancements provide a unified user experience for performing complex MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) actions from a single dashboard for new and existing assets.

Learn more about Enterprise Asset Management Enhancements.

TMF Open API Enhancements


Improve product inventory management, including adding new products or updating existing products. Manage the entire lifecycle of the catalog elements during several processes such as ordering, campaign management, and sales management using new and enhanced TM Forum Open APIs.

Learn more about TMF Open API Enhancements.

Trade Promotion Optimization

Consumer Goods

Empower key account managers to build more realistic account plans, trade promotions, and demand plans using historical data to predict baselines and uplifts.

Learn more about Trade Promotion Optimization.

Account Scenario Planning

Consumer Goods

Achieve sales targets and build better joint business plans with what-if scenario planning to determine the best promotion strategy. Key account managers can evaluate multiple scenarios by varying volume, contracts, promotions, and spending.

A customer business plan in Trade Promotion Management.

Learn more about Account Scenario Planning.

Visual Studio Code Based Modeler

Consumer Goods

Get up and running faster with a simplified Retail Execution offline app installation process that replaces on-premises mobile app modelers with a trusted toolset.

Customizing the offline mobile app in the Visual Studio Code Based Modeler.

Learn more about Visual Studio Code Based Modeler.

Advertising Sales Management Enhancements: Programmatic Support


The latest enhancements allow media and entertainment companies to add an extra advertising sales channel on the same platform as direct, increasing capacity and efficiency. 

Adding and configuring media placements.

Learn more about Advertising Sales Management Enhancements: Programmatic Support.

Advertising Sales Management Enhancements: Calendar View


Allow advertising sales to easily see available inventory through a calendar view before configuring a media plan, saving time and ensuring optimal utilization of available ad slots.

Calendar view.

Learn more about Advertising Sales Management Enhancements: Calendar View.

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