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See What’s New with Analytics, Data Cloud, and Net Zero

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to get insights from all your data and activate it across Customer 360.
  • Define how Data Cloud and Google Vertex AI help save time and increase ROI.
  • Explain how teams can deliver personalized engagement across every touchpoint.
  • Explain how to improve renewable energy credit accounting.
  • Define the enhancement that enables the buying and selling of third-party ESG data.

Unified Analytics


Create a unified analytics experience with Tableau and CRM Analytics in Salesforce. Publish Tableau to Salesforce via CRM Analytics Home, and natively embed Tableau dashboards alongside CRM Analytics in Salesforce workflows using Lightning Web Components.

Learn more about Unified Analytics.

Revenue Intelligence Enhancements


Empower Sales Leaders and CROs to conduct what-if-scenario planning to improve forecasting, review trends for KPIs like sales velocity and pipeline generation, and understand differences in numbers committed across teams. 

Learn more about Revenue Intelligence Enhancements.

Reports and Dashboards for Data Cloud


Salesforce Reports and Dashboards now include Data Cloud data. Analyze unified, real-time data from Data Cloud using the same functionality you know and love to get insights from all of your data and activate it across Customer 360.

Learn more about Reports and Dashboards for Data Cloud.

Flow Interactions Enhancements


Automate complex business processes with one-click interaction. CRM Analytics widgets now allow user input to add additional context during execution.

Adding an action to a flow.

Learn more about Flow Interactions Enhancements.

Data Recipes—Staged Datasets


Create datasets that can be used in other recipes without the overhead of registering as an explorable dataset. When your data strategy includes multiple recipes, staged data helps reduce the overall recipe run time.

Setting up staged data.

Learn more about Data Recipes—Staged Datasets.

Einstein Studio with Google Vertex AI

Data Cloud

Supercharge AI insights across the Customer 360 with your own AI models from Google Vertex AI. Save time and increase ROI with seamless data access between Data Cloud and Google Vertex AI.

Data Cloud Triggered Flows

Data Cloud

Access all of Data Cloud's data spaces and data model objects directly in Flow Builder and use your unified, real-time data to trigger flows.

Learn more about Data Cloud Triggered Flows.

Data Cloud Enrichments

Data Cloud

Enrich your existing applications and processes with clicks by enabling Data Cloud objects and insights on your Contact and Lead objects. Help teams view all relevant information to take action and deliver personalized engagement across every touchpoint.

Learn more about Data Cloud Enrichments.

Programs and Project Tracking

Net Zero Cloud

Manage individual sustainability programs and track program-specific outcomes for clearer insight into actions and results.

A Program Initiative record, Details screen

Learn more about Programs and Project Tracking.

What-If Scenario Analysis Tool

Net Zero Cloud

This relaunched tool now provides program-specific insights, improved forecasting, clearer direction, and more granular scenario planning.

Emissions Forecast and What-If analysis.

Learn more about What-If Scenario Analysis Tool.

Enhanced Carbon Accounting

Net Zero Cloud

Account for renewable energy credits in an enhanced accounting and allocation module. Gain more flexibility in your carbon accounting with custom fuel types and units, and expanded emissions factor units.

Vehicle Asset Energy Use record for Hydrogen vehicle type

Learn more about Enhanced Carbon Accounting.

Emissions Factors Data Availability

Net Zero Cloud

Go beyond carbon credits in Net Zero Marketplace. Now you can buy and sell third-party emissions factor data. 

Partial view of catalog of emissions factors.

Learn more about Emissions Factors Data Availability.

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