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See What’s New with Platform: Build, Automate, and Secure

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how the DevOps Center provides an improved experience around change and release management.
  • Explain how to use a visual dashboard to manage, monitor, and debug Salesforce Functions.
  • Describe how to build integrations more seamlessly with External Services.
  • Explain the advantages of Flow Automated Testing compared to manual testing.
  • Explain how to access data managed by Amazon Athena stored within Salesforce.
  • Describe how Preference Manager forms help you manage customer consent and communication preferences.
  • Describe how Scoping Rules save a sales associate time.
  • List the capabilities of the Publish-Subscribe API.

DevOps Center

DevOps Center provides an improved experience around change and release management that brings DevOps best practices to your development team, regardless of whether team members prefer clicks, code, or a bit of both.

Sandboxes on Hyperforce: Quick Clone

Quick Clone accelerates developer productivity by letting teams rapidly create replica Developer and Developer Pro sandboxes—so that they can reduce idle developer time, work in parallel, and build more-efficient continuous integration jobs.

List of sandboxes in Setup with Clone option next to each

Learn more about Sandboxes on Hyperforce: Quick Clone.

Salesforce Functions Enhancements

Help manage, monitor, and debug Salesforce Functions through a visual dashboard for developers. 

Learn more about Salesforce Functions enhancements.

External Services Enhancements

Build integrations more seamlessly with External Services, now with improved error read-outs when registering a schema.

Configure your External Service screen

Flow Builder Enhancements

Is manual testing on every update too time-consuming? With the new Flow Automated Testing, you can now turn manual debug into automated tests and run every test scenario with a single click.

Learn more about Flow Builder enhancements.

Flow Orchestration Enhancements

Now users are empowered to collaborate faster by completing tasks in Experience Cloud using Flow Orchestration's Work Guide. In addition, admins can empower other users to help spot bottlenecks and fast-track work using supervisor permissions.

AWS Partnership Enhancements

Our partnership with AWS makes it easier to build and launch applications, natively leverage AWS services, and securely connect data and workflows across Salesforce and AWS. Expanding on the partnership, we're adding Event Relays for AWS and Salesforce Connect Adaptor for Athena to the toolkit.

Amazon Athena listed in an External Data Sources screen

Learn more about AWS Partnership enhancements.

Publish-Subscribe API

The new API provides a single interface for publishing and subscribing to platform events, including change data capture and real-time event monitoring. The Pub/Sub API has better performance and game-changing features like real-time publish responses, subscription flow control, and 11 supported languages. 

Learn more about the Publish-Subscribe API. 

Private Connect Enhancements

Route API traffic through a private, bidirectional connection between Salesforce data centers and Amazon Web Services to avoid the public internet. Now available in EMEA and APAC.

Configure Your Connection step in the Create Inbound Connection setup

Learn more about Private Connect enhancements.

Privacy Center: Preference Manager

Preference Manager is now available to help you manage customer consent and communication preferences. Build low/no code forms with filters for brand, data use purpose, and channel type. Drop your customized form into any web page and automatically update Salesforce records and objects. 

Manage Your Preferences page in Preference Builder

Learn more about Privacy Center: Preference Manager.

Security Center Enhancements

Now you can see additional information about your connected tenants so you have a fuller picture of the details and information from these orgs. You can also use standard Salesforce reporting on all Security Center objects.

 Connected Tenants record page

Learn more about Security Center enhancements.

Scoping Rules Enhancements

Scoping Rules help end-users focus on the records that are relevant to their job. In wealth management, for example, sales associates have access to far too many records since they support multiple financial advisors and teams. With Scoping Rules, the sales associate can choose a "scope," and limit the records they can see to increase productivity. Scoping rules are far more flexible than just wealth management, and can be used as a replacement for Divisions (Classic only) or other scenarios where users may need to focus on a specific brand, department, branch, or other grouping.

Scoping Rules configuration page

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