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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what the Customer 360 Guide for Retail is.
  • Identify the benefits of transforming your customer experience.

What is the Customer 360 Guide for Retail

The Transform the Consumer Experience Guide helps your business keep up with customer demands and gives you the flexibility to be resilient through market changes.

Companies that don’t engage with customers at the right moment struggle to deliver personalized, genuine customer experiences. A personalized customer experience promotes the growth of unique shoppers, increases site traffic, and creates higher demand for brands to create a connected customer experience better than their competitor’s. 

Often, different departments use different tools to deliver their services to customers. This silos information that result in disconnected customer experiences. To deliver that connected customer experience, you need a complete view of your customers and a strategy for how you engage with them. 

What’s Included in the Customer 360 Guide for Retail?

The good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch to create this connected experience. The Customer 360 Guide for Retail includes guides, best practices, and more to help you build a vision for the future of your business. Learn how to deliver the connected customer experience by exploring each of the assets included in this guide.

  • Trailblazer Stories: Hear other customers’ approaches and success stories during their digital transformations.
  • Thought Leadership: Tips, trends, and insights on transforming customer experiences, including strategies for customer data management.
  • Change Management: Best practices to help you implement process changes and make the people and teams in your organization succeed.
  • Industry Blueprint: Key product and industry-specific information that helps you build solutions and uncover opportunities for connecting with your customers.
  • Architecture Diagrams: Visual representations of solutions and concepts within a system or solution design.
  • Business Scenarios: Descriptions of common industry-specific scenarios and the related technology and processes.
  • Solution Kits: Implementation guides containing reference materials aligned to common use cases.
  • MuleSoft Accelerators: Prebuilt integration solutions that connect common back-end systems directly to Salesforce.

What Can You Do with the Customer 360 Guide for Retail?

The Customer 360 Guide for Retail serves as your map to bringing your marketing, commerce, service, and IT departments together on one integrated CRM platform.

Take a look at these experiences, for example.

A customer shopping on their favorite brand’s website.

A customer is browsing one of their favorite brand’s websites. When they add an item to their cart and forget to purchase it, they expect an email to remind them to make that purchase.

A customer engages with a service agent over the phone.

A customer engages with a service agent about an issue, and they expect her to know exactly what they’ve purchased in the past.

A customer receives prompt and personalized mail.

A customer completes a purchase and expects transactional emails and packages in the mail to be prompt, accurate, and personalized.

These are the seamless experiences every customer expects, and what you create by transforming your consumer experience.

Explore What’s Possible with Connected Experiences

We’re excited for you to start your journey to transforming your customer experience. We recommend building a solid data strategy as a foundation. Check out How Customer 360 Enables Integrated Experiences to see how other customers have started their integration journeys. With connected customer experiences, you’ll discover how to transform your business, develop a strategy aligned to your vision, and take your business to the next level.

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