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Superbadges and the Salesforce Credentialing Program

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct apply to superbadges.
  • Identify the ways Trailblazers should seek help with superbadge solutions.

We recommend that you review the Trailhead module Salesforce Credentials: Quick Look to familiarize yourself with superbadges. Superbadges are hands-on, challenge-based Salesforce credentials with a narrative use case and requirements that let Trailblazers demonstrate their capabilities.

Superbadges and the Salesforce Credentialing Program

At Salesforce, Trust is our #1 value. Ensuring the value and integrity of all Salesforce credentials is our top priority when it comes to delivering the best and most sought-after credentials in the industry. We encourage you to review the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct for details on how we work to keep credentials trusted and highly regarded. 

Help article for Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct on Trailhead

Superbadges can be super challenging—any assessment that’s able to measure your expertise is bound to be! While challenging, superbadges aren’t meant to be tricky. And they're rigorously tested to make sure they give just the right amount of guidance to help you configure your solution. Even so, sometimes we all get stuck on tough challenges.

The program agreement includes specific guidelines for approaching superbadge completion (such as using Salesforce Help articles and searching for general resources). Also, note the way superbadge solutions and information sharing is covered in the program agreement.

Part of what powers our Trailblazer Community is collaboration, but directly collaborating on superbadge solutions is off-limits. If you’re wondering whether a question or answer is at odds with the program agreement, here’s a quick test: If the question (or answer) contains general information about a particular configuration step and avoids details like specific error messages or screenshots, you’re probably in the clear.

Do’s and Don’ts for Superbadge Program Security

Key information about the program agreement includes the following guidelines.

The Salesforce Certification Program Agreement and Policies applies to superbadges and superbadge units. Superbadges are credentials and designed to test skills and abilities at the product “specialist” level. For more information about credential program security, check out the Superbadge Program Security: Quick Look Trailhead module.

Participants in the Salesforce Credentialing Program should:

  • Prepare for superbadges and superbadge units by completing the prerequisite content and carefully review the Superbadge Challenge Help article to locate the specific help article related to each superbadge.
  • Search Salesforce Help for resources regarding specific Einstein 1 product functionality.
  • Visit the Certification Help portal for information about how to earn or maintain a certification.
  • Submit a case to the Credential Security Team if you see any activity that undermines credential security.

Participants in the Salesforce Credentialing Program should not:

  • Share, use, or request step-by-step guidance, configured solutions, elements of solutions, metadata, or packages to solve any superbadge challenge
  • Earn a superbadge on another individual's behalf
  • Refer to content that spells out solutions for superbadge challenge checks or troubleshoots for specific error messages
  • Share login credentials to a superbadge-solution configured Salesforce org
  • Engaging in any other behavior that violates the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement

Protecting the security of Salesforce Credentials is up to all of us and Salesforce has a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct related to certification exams and superbadges. Consequences for violating the program agreement include but are not limited to:

  • Suspension from taking any certification exams
  • Revocation of certifications and superbadges
  • Removal from the Salesforce Credentials program and the Trailblazer Community

What happens if you see a violation of the program agreement? We encourage you to submit a case to the Credential Security team if you see any activity that undermines credential security. We have a team of credential security specialists who review every report and take the appropriate actions. Consequences aren’t always publicly visible, but rest assured we’re taking all available actions. We want to protect the value of Salesforce credentials and appreciate your partnership in doing so.

Community Events and Superbadges

The Trailblazer Community is a fabulous place for collaboration—but not for working on superbadges together. Community group and event organizers should follow the following guidelines: 

  • Provide group check-ins to encourage continued progress, without discussion of specific challenges or configuration
  • Encourage completion with positive interactions on social media
  • Run challenges to encourage Trailblazers to earn superbadges
  • Recognize Trailblazers who achieve superbadges
  • Work as a group on learning content associated with a superbadge, such as prerequisite modules
  • Reviewing the Help article as a group, including review of referenced resources and learning content

In short: Do your own superbadge solution work and don’t share your solutions. By adhering to the program agreement, you’re helping to keep Salesforce credentials trusted and secure.


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