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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the best way to measure the performance of your in-app campaigns.
  • Explain what more segment refreshes and activations mean for messaging journeys.
  • Describe how to drive sales and acquire new customers on TikTok.
  • Describe how to place orders for your B2B and D2C customers.
  • Name some ways to increase conversion to make ordering easier than ever.

Intelligence Connector for Data Cloud Enhancements

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Ingest any data from Data Cloud and view it alongside marketing performance data to enhance your reporting with segment insights, maximize your marketing budget, and improve campaign outcomes.

Learn more about Intelligence Connector for Data Cloud Enhancements.

Engagement: In-App Messaging Analytics

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Measure the performance of your in-app campaigns with out-of-the-box insights and customizable dashboards that optimize your cross-channel marketing investments.

Dashboard called In-App Message Deliveries

Learn more about In-App Messaging Analytics.

Personalization: Insights for Sales & Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Access individual customer insights from the Salesforce Personalization solution within Sales and Service Cloud in real time. Utilize these insights to drive deeper relationships, empower sales and service agents, and drive upsells. 

Account Engagement: Data Cloud Integration

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Connect Account Engagement with Data Cloud for Marketing to harness customer data, improve segmentation, and increase personalization based on all interactions a customer has with your company.

Learn more about Data Cloud Integration.

Engagement: Real-Time Journey Orchestration

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Deliver more relevant messages by reacting in real-time to customer data with a supercharged connection between Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud Engagement. Optimize the channel, copy, and timing for every customer.

Learn more about Real-Time Journey Orchestration.

TikTok Integration for Commerce Enhancements

Commerce Cloud

Drive sales and acquire new customers with the TikTok Shop integration for Commerce. Enable merchants to power product discovery, product details, checkout, and post-payment activity in-app for a seamless and frictionless customer experience.

Payments Enhancements for Salesforce Commerce

Commerce Cloud

Save implementation time and cost with Salesforce Payments natively integrated with B2B and D2C Commerce. Launch popular payment methods in a few clicks and start driving fast conversion. Payment method coverage includes credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, Afterpay, EPS, iDeal, SEPA, and Bancontact.

Learn more about Payments Enhancements for Salesforce Commerce.

Order Management Enhancements

Commerce Cloud

Efficiently pick multiple items for multiple orders during the picking process. Drive revenue from your contact center by placing orders on behalf of your B2B and D2C customers. Add fees for orders that have associated return costs.

Learn more about Order Management Enhancements.

Page Designer for Composable Storefront

Commerce Cloud

Accelerate time-to-value and unlock merchandiser and marketer productivity with an out-of-the-box integration. Supporting React utilities for a page editor for headless commerce is included at no additional cost.

Embedded Commerce Services for Salesforce Commerce

Commerce Cloud

Increase conversion by enabling customers to add to their cart and check out as guests. Make ordering easier than ever by empowering reps to order on behalf of customers. 

Learn more about Embedded Commerce Services for Salesforce Commerce.

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