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Learn About Slack AI

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain a benefit of the generative AI interface.
  • Describe the different use cases for Slack AI.

Bring Magic to Work

Computers that recognize objects and people, programs that play hide-and-seek, software that hold conversations—this is all the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). And it can seem like magic. But as we learn in Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, it’s the product of hard work by engineers, scientists, and designers.

As we dive deeper into using AI, we can explore the ways it has a positive impact on productivity.

  • AI is used to process months and even years of sales data to predict the future performance of a business.
  • Help desks can feed articles and FAQs to AI bots who in turn help solve common issues for customers in record time.
  • AI can take hundreds of thousands of pages of text and, through large language models (LLM), it generates new content with a simple human prompt.

Artificial intelligence can do a lot. And that last example is termed generative AI because it generates an output. Generative AI unlocks many opportunities for boosting productivity. The interface is a simple conversation—something we’re all familiar with and can engage with.

And even when you know how it’s done, it can still feel like magic. Let’s bring all that magic to work!

Use Slack AI to Boost Productivity and Move Work Forward

For years, our customers have built up knowledge on every project, topic, and team through the messages, files, and clips they share in channels. Slack is like a time machine, making it possible for you to swiftly jump back to the earliest days of your team’s workspace and all the pivotal moments that have happened since then. When we combine that with large language models, users are empowered to quickly turn all of that knowledge into insights that can help them be more productive and make informed decisions.

Let’s imagine a future where Slack AI strives to make the entire organization productive, bringing generative AI seamlessly into the Slack user experience. 

  • You’ll be able to generate Channel recaps to get highlights of the most recent conversations.
  • You'll get conversational summaries so you can get the gist of a thread without having to read through the entire history.
  • The ability to search for answers will also help you home in on the information you're looking for without having to wander through a seemingly endless stream of information.

All these features come together to enable teams to work, be more productive, and make impactful business decisions right within the context of your conversations in Slack.

Keep Your Data Secure

The future is coming, powered by generative AI. And we can’t wait to share it with you in a responsible, trusted way. When you use Slack AI, it's with the understanding that the data will be 100% private, secured in Slack. As you access recaps, summaries, and get the answers you need, Slack offers clear visibility into the sources of each summary. And as Slack AI runs on our private infrastructure, it upholds the same security and compliance standards that customers already get with Slack.


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