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Find Information and Keep Work Organized

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Find the right information by searching in Slack.
  • Access important messages and files quickly.
  • Keep relevant conversations organized in one place.
  • Make it easy for everyone to get up to speed in a channel.
  • Bring your teammates together.

Search for Information

Finding the right information is key to working smarter and faster, and being more productive.

In Slack, you can quickly find messages, files, channels, and people, all in one search.

Search for a topic in the search field and then add search modifiers to narrow your results. For example, add from: in front of a display name to search for information shared by someone specific.

Access Messages and Files You Use Most

You can save messages and files you often reference so that they’re easy to access. Hover over a message you’d like to save and click the Save.

Let’s say a teammate shares a report that you’ll need to revisit often as part of an upcoming project. Instead of repeatedly searching for the file, you can save it and access it quickly from the Later view in your sidebar.

clicking the save icon next to a Slack message to add it to your list of saved items

Now you should feel confident to search and find information you need in Slack. Next you learn how to keep information and work organized with channels.

Work in One Place

Whether you’re kicking off a new project or your team needs a place for ongoing discussion on a topic, you can create channels to keep relevant conversations organized. Watch the video to learn more.

Create a Channel

Say you’re launching a new project. Create a channel to keep related information in one place.

creating a new channel in Slack

  1. Click the plus button in the sidebar.
  2. Select Create a channel. If you're on Enterprise Grid, select a workspace from the dropdown menu.
  3. Give the channel a name, then click Next.
  4. Choose a channel type (public or private), then click Create.

Provide Context for Your Team

Make it easy for everyone to get up to speed by adding key information to channels.

Bookmark a link

You can bookmark links to relevant project documents or presentations so anyone who joins the channel can easily reference them.

pinning a message to a channel for easy reference

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Click Add a bookmark in the conversation header and select Add a bookmark to this channel.
  3. Paste a link, then add a name and emoji to display.
  4. Click Add.

Bring Your Teammates Together

Bringing the right people together in channels gives the team a shared view of the work being done.

When you’re ready to get to work with your teammates on a project, add them to the channel.

adding people to a newly created channel

You’re ready to keep work organized with channels and give teammates the context they need on their way in. Next you learn how to focus on what matters to you.


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