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Get Started with Service AI

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how generative AI is transforming customer service.
  • Explain the benefits of Service AI.

Transform Service with Service AI

Our world is charging toward a future powered by AI, and, as a result, it’s a new day for customer service. And we’re not only talking about wanting faster answers and resolutions or needing help with time-consuming tasks. Your customers are ready to embrace a future reinvented with generative AI. One where every service experience is tailored and proactive.

Today, service leaders—from the contact center to the field—face a new question: How do you deliver experiences that keep up with customer expectations and evolving technology—all while keeping costs low? Fortunately, you have all the data you need to meet these expectations. You just need a solution—now—to help you harness it and turn it into action. That’s where Service AI comes in. 

Built with Trust in Mind

Service AI revolutionizes how companies connect with their customers and helps service teams be more productive with generative AI.

So what makes Service AI unique? Our approach is grounded in four pillars: trust, relevance, security, and ecosystem.

  • Trust: Service AI is grounded in our ethical guidelines. Your data is yours and never stored outside of Salesforce. We have a Zero Retention Policy in place with OpenAI.
  • Relevance: Content is created using your own trusted CRM data to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Security: Service AI maintains secure data access, protects personal identifiable information, and is built on our secure platform, Hyperforce.
  • Ecosystem: You have the freedom to choose between our own Salesforce LLM (large language model) built by our AI Research team or one of our partners.

Provide Proactive Service with Service AI

With Service AI, businesses can accelerate resolutions with trusted CRM data, increase CSAT with personalized interactions, and unlock efficiency on one connected platform. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do. 

  • Personalize the end-to-end service experience: With Service AI, you can generate personalized service replies, grounded in relevant data sources at any touchpoint, on any channel.
  • Improve agents' and mobile workers’ productivity: Service AI creates detailed and accurate work summaries based on conversation data and contact reason. It also equips frontline service teams before their appointment with mobile work briefings that contain critical information, such as how equipment has been maintained and details of previous customer interactions.
  • Keep information up to date, accurate, and available: Service AI can automatically draft Knowledge articles to save agents and mobile workers time and formalize institutional knowledge.

Ready, Set, Drive Productivity

And now, with the help of Service AI, you can incorporate generative AI into your service strategy to drive both service team productivity and customer happiness.


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