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Automate Your Service Process with Service Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what the Service Cloud platform is.
  • Summarize the different ways agents can connect with customers through the Service Cloud platform.
  • Describe how agents can use the Service Console to resolve cases faster.

Say Hello to the Service Cloud Platform

The Service Cloud platform is a customer support platform that gives your agents superpowers to deliver service that’s as instant and easy as a conversation. Not only that, but your customers can choose how to reach out and start a conversation with you, anywhere, and on any device. Email, phone, SMS, social media, self-service sites, or real-time web chat. Every channel is open for your agents to respond to whatever your customers need—and that keeps your customers very happy. Let’s check out a few ways the Service Cloud platform supercharges agent productivity.

Give Agents the Power to Help Customers... Everywhere

With the Service Cloud platform, you can embed customer support into your existing mobile apps and websites. It’s seamless, and it makes it possible for your agents to deliver in-app mobile support through tools like Embedded Service and Chat. Now, customers can see and talk with an agent anytime and anywhere.

Because social service is part of the Service Cloud platform, agents can monitor a customer’s needs and respond in whatever channel the customer feels comfortable using, including phone, email, SMS, and even Twitter or Facebook.

Watch the Service Cloud platform in action with this demo.

Automate Service Processes and Streamline Workflows

Give your support agents an extra helping hand by automatically routing cases to the right agent, at the right time. Then put all the customer information they need at their fingertips, all in one screen—the Service Console.

No more toggling between screens to find the information they need or to perform support tasks. The Service Console saves your agents valuable time and turns them into service superheroes, solving cases quickly, proficiently, and effectively.

Growth in Performance after using Service Cloud

The Service Cloud platform brings a 40% increase in agent productivity, 41% faster first contact resolution, and 34% increase in customer retention.

Turn Your Entire Service Team into a Bunch of Gurus

The Service Cloud platform gives every agent a 360-degree customer view from a single screen on the Service Console. Think of it as giving your agents the ability to read your customers’ minds.

No more asking for customer information every time they contact you. The Service Cloud platform connects sales, marketing, and customer service. So agents can always have the information they need at “Hello.”

Agents can deliver intelligent service, because they can see everything from service history to previous customer sales. They are pushed relevant knowledge from across your organization, including key articles, topics, and advice from your product experts. And agents can see customers' past preferences to offer personalized incentives and special offers—or even proactively see when a product is due for service.

Supercharge Your Self-Service Channel

Today’s digitally connected customers often prefer to use self-service to find what they need. Make it easier for them to get and share the answers they’re looking for with a self-service site and portal. You can build your own branded site quickly and easily using Experience Builder Templates. And because it’s connected to the Service Cloud platform, customers can instantly escalate their issue directly to a service agent whenever they want to.

From the Phone to the Field, Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Let’s not forget field service technicians and mobile employees. Because the Service Cloud platform connects your entire organization, they have mobile access to the same information that your other agents do with the offline-first, dedicated Field Service mobile app, and more.

Resolve cases in the first visit by arming your mobile employees with visibility into work orders, van stock and inventory, knowledge articles, and real-time collaboration on the go. And you have the ability to track them step-by-step, so you can route mobile employees more efficiently, and shrink wait windows from hours to minutes.

Watch the demo to see how to deliver connected, intelligent, more personalized service from the phone to the field with Field Service.

Are you excited to start supercharging your agent productivity? Now that you know the basics of what the Service Cloud platform can do, you can continue to fly toward amazing customer service and learn how to resolve cases faster in our next unit.

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