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Get to Know Salesforce Pay Now

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the benefits Pay Now offers your business and your customers.
  • Explain how Pay Now links reduce overdue payments.
  • Describe how Pay Now simplifies payment across payment channels (Commerce, Sales, Service).

Get Paid and Get Paid Faster

Late payments, delayed payments, overdue payments—however your company classifies them, they have an adverse impact on your business. 

Recent statistics show that: 

  • 93% of companies experience late payments from customers.
  • Midsize businesses spend an average of 14 hours every week chasing payments.
  • About one-third of small businesses in the US report that they’re at risk of closure because of late payments.

While your business is looking to increase efficiency and build new markets, late payments can impact your ability to pay suppliers, grow revenue, and expand your business. In addition, chasing down late payments is costly and resource-intensive. 

Overdue Invoice

Payment at Any Time from Any Channel

How, where, and when a payment transaction occurs is paramount to timely payment collections and customer satisfaction. Today business organizations are looking for payment solutions that incorporate payment transaction functionality into any point of the customer journey — connecting commerce to sales, service, and marketing channels. For example, a service technician can take payment on the job site, a customer can change an order and make payment on a service call, or a marketing email can include an offer with a payment link.

What if your company could add payment transactional capabilities to your existing business channels; enabling payment through multiple touchpoints like sales interactions, service calls, and onsite transactions? And what if the same solution reduced late payments and enhanced revenue streams with a simple payment link? Oh, and do it without heavy integration work?

Say Hello to Salesforce Pay Now

Invoice with Pay Now Link

Pay Now is a single-link payment solution that makes collecting payment a simple easy transaction. With Pay Now, you can embed payment links into your Salesforce apps, and offer your customers an easy, convenient way to pay for products and services. Pay Now provides a hassle-free payment experience: Just send a link and get paid. 

Salesforce Pay Now is the only payments solution that easily extends payment capabilities anywhere on the Salesforce CRM and platform. Because all your data is connected on a single platform, your business can get paid and realize revenue faster. Because it’s all on the Salesforce CRM platform, setup is fast without heavy integration work.

How does Pay Now work? Using Pay Now, you create a unique or reusable payment link that you share with your buyer. The link directs your customer to a branded mobile-responsive web page where customers can pay with the method of their choice. Pay Now even supports setting up custom sets of payment methods and includes support for multiple currencies. 

Close Deals and Get Paid

Meet Lincoln Ulrich, account executive for Ursa Major Solar. Today he’s closing a huge deal with a major Gulf Coast Solar distributor. This sale is a big win for Ursa Major Solar, and Lincoln wants to secure the payment before he celebrates. With Pay Now, Lincoln doesn’t have to worry about waiting days or weeks for payment. He generates a Pay Now link, attaches the link to the sale’s invoice, emails the invoice to his client, and Ursa Major Solar collects payment the same day. Nice work Lincoln! 

Pay Now with Salesforce Starter

Salesforce Starter Suite and Pro Suite now come packaged with Pay Now. Pay Now is easy to use, so it’s a perfect fit for Starter Suite and Pro Suite. Together Starter Suite and Pay Now help you drive revenue growth by enabling direct payments. When an opportunity closes, Pay Now makes it easy for your customer to pay. You create a Pay Now payment link that directs the customer to a Pay Now page where they can choose which payment method to use. 

Starter screen with Pay Now

Here’s a short list of the advantages of Starter Suite and Prosuite with Pay Now.

  • Available with Starter Suite and Pro Suite out of the box.
  • Configure Pay Now with the easy-to-use guided setup.
  • Generate and quickly send payment links to customers.
  • Generate and send payment links from a closed won Opportunity record.
  • Start a business and start collecting payments in a matter of days.
  • Set up payments in Salesforce Starter with a guided experience and configure Pay Now in your instance with just a few clicks.
  • Keep sales reps focused on relationships, not payment collection.
  • Improve your cash flow and get paid faster as small businesses are prone to late payments.
  • Generate a payment link from the opportunity record and send it to a customer with an email template.

Field Service and Pay Now: The Perfect Combination

Your field service agents aren’t only top-level technicians, they’re also discerning sales reps. With Pay Now, your field service agents have a payment tool that helps generate revenue on the job site. Agents can settle payment for service and parts, or upsell extra service and parts and secure payment on the spot. 

Service agents can send Pay Now links for service or upgrades at the job site.

Using Pay Now, a field service agent quickly generates a Pay Now link and sends it to the client’s phone. The client settles the bill and makes payment before the agent leaves the job site. That’s service with a smile.

The Pay Now service connection doesn’t end at the job site. You can also integrate Pay Now with your service reports. After a service appointment, if a customer has an unpaid balance, a service report with an embedded Pay Now link is generated and emailed to your customer. A field service customer can then use the link to pay off the full or remaining invoice balance. No need for agents or sales reps to manually send a separate follow-up invoice to collect payment. You get paid faster with Pay Now.

Upsell and Cross-Sell During Service Conversations

Through personal interaction with your customers, service agents have a unique opportunity to engage customers in upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Jessica Tanaka, a support agent for Ursa Major Solar, loves delivering great customer service and improving her sales skills. She’s excited to have Pay Now integrated into the Salesforce Service Cloud console. Now during a service call, she promotes product add-ons or warranties. When she makes a sale, she sends a Pay Now payment link from the Service Cloud console directly to the customer’s mobile device or email. Payment is made on the spot, and the service calls become a revenue stream.

Embed Pay Now in Bot-Based Interactions

Pay Now can free your sales agents to develop new accounts while your sales bots generate sales and reorders. Build bot-based sales interactions that use embedded Pay Now links for easy payment on orders and reorders. Set up your service bots to contact customers before a service appointment and use Pay Now to send a Pay Now link for prepayment or a deposit payment. 

Einstein bot recommendations help your service team make the most of revenue-generating opportunities. Based on information from Data Cloud, Einstein can intelligently recommend the next-best actions based on similar interactions, including sending a Pay Now link.

Nonprofits and Pay Now

Send donation requests with Pay Now.Many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on online crowdfunding to sustain their operations. With Pay Now in Email Builder, there are no more cumbersome payment details because you include a request for a contribution with a Pay Now link. Your nonprofit email campaign focuses on your message while you delegate collecting contributions to Pay Now.

If you collect in-person donations, add trust to your secure in-person donation campaigns with Pay Now links sent right to a client’s mobile device. No more personal information sharing; send the link and collect the donation.

Pay Now is more than a user-friendly payment link; it’s a comprehensive payment solution. With the latest enhancements, Pay Now offers a versatile range of options whereby you can create a unique or reusable payment link that enables an easy payment process for your customers. Explore the recent upgrades to discover how Pay Now can improve your payment processes and help you get paid and get paid faster.

Pay Now Enhancement How it Works
Expand Pay Now Checkout with Tax and Shipping Options
Take payers to a new Pay Now Checkout page wit a new type of payment link, called Checkout with Order.  The page lists products, calculates the tax, and provides shipping options based on the shipping address and products purchased. After a payer completes the transaction, an order record is created, which you can view using any integrated order management product, such as Salesforce Order Management.
Control Payment Link Usage and Expiration for Pay Now
Configure whether a payment link is for one-time use or multiple times for distribution to multiple people. You can specify an expiration date and time for each link. 
Show Itemized Products or Predefined Amounts on the Pay Now Page
Let customers see what they’re paying for on the Pay Now page by including a line item for each product, including a product image. 
Accept Pay Now Payments Using a QR Code
Let customers make payments by scanning a QR code with their mobile device. Send the QR Code in a text or email to your customers. The code takes them to a Pay Now page to complete the transaction.
Make Pay Now Transactions Easier with Express Payments
Enable express payments on your Pay Now page as a quick and convenient checkout option for your customers. Accepted express payment methods include digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, and Venmo.
Automate Payment Link Creation Using Flow Builder
Easily create a payment link for Pay Now transactions using the Generate Payment Link flow, which you can clone and customize for your workflow. You can then copy the link and send it to your customer. The link sends that customer to the Pay Now page to complete the transaction.

Pay Now Across Clouds

Pay Now works across all Salesforce clouds. So you can say, “With Pay Now, the sky’s the limit.” Seriously, no matter the cloud: Commerce, Sales, Industries, Service, or Marketing, offer products and services in new ways with Pay Now. Engage customers where they are, and collect payment with a simple transaction.


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