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Get to Know Salesforce Data Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe Salesforce Data Cloud.
  • Explain how Data Cloud works.


If you'd like to listen to an audio recording of this module, please use the player below. When you’re finished listening to this recording, remember to come back to each unit, check out the resources, and complete the associated assessments.

The Only Data Platform Native to the Worlds #1 AI CRM

Today, 71% of customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized.

Companies are collecting more data than ever before about their customers. But with the average enterprise leveraging over 1k applications, this data is collected in siloes which can result in over 1k versions of a customer and their interactions with a brand. Many companies have attempted to solve this by investing in a data warehouse, a data lake, or a data lakehouse/warehouse You’ll hear customers say things like “we have all of our data in Snowflake, AWS, Databricks.” But no data warehouse, data lake, or data lakehouse looks the same - which means that the structure of that data and the connectivity of that data to the customer experience is different, too.

Data Cloud puts all of your data to work for your customers. It’s deeply embedded in the Einstein 1 Platform, which means any external data lake or warehouse can now drive actions and workflows inside of your CRM. Data Cloud is about more than just bringing data together. It’s about bringing entire organizations together around the customer to improve experiences and drive growth.

Unify Your Enterprise Data

Data Cloud eliminates data silos, creating a single platform to access and leverage all your Enterprise Data. Seamlessly integrate structured and unstructured data (PDF’s, emails, call transcripts) into Salesforce with our library of connectors and leveraging zero copy integrations from Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, and Databricks.

Harness the Power of Metadata

Data Cloud is built on Salesforce’s foundational metadata layer, which provides a common language that integrates all Salesforce applications and low-code platform services including Einstein AI, Flow for automation, Lightning for UI, and Apex for deep, pro-code customization.

Drive AI Results from Your Data

Data Cloud unlocks the power of generative AI, grounded with your company's data, delivering trusted, secure, and relevant outcomes without expensive model training. Plus, seamlessly integrate external predictive models with Bring Your Own Model for enhanced workflows and insights.

This real-time customer graph dynamically evolves as it brings in more data about your customers. This data can be activated across Salesforce so every company can create experiences that are personalized. And Data Cloud’s real-time data enables more powerful automation with Flow, and more intelligence with Einstein, all built on the trusted infrastructure of Hyperforce. Einstein 1 is automated, intelligent, and real time, helping every company save costs, save time, and grow revenue. 

Customer Experience Across Salesforce

Data Cloud enables any team to create valuable experiences. 


Every sales rep can receive real-time guidance during customer video and voice calls to adapt to the conversation and deliver personalized offers to their customers.


Every service rep from the contact center to the field can provide proactive service with real-time alerts that detect challenges, enable agents to intervene, engage the customer, and resolve the issue.


Every marketer can deliver personalized messages across channels that adapt to customer activity across various brand properties in real-time.


Every retailer can build tailored shopper experiences that adapt to real-time customer actions, including abandoned shopping carts or actions taken on a website or mobile app.


IT teams can use low-code tools to build things like apps that leverage real-time data for example to provide fraud detection or real-time economic data to determine benefits.


Every business can unlock real-time data across any modern or legacy system.


Every business can monitor KPIs in real-time to inform action across the business, including real-time purchase data for sales, real-time case spikes for service, and real-time web traffic for marketing.


Leaders can immediately increase efficiency by enabling teams to automatically view real-time data from any channel with intelligent workflows

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Payer and provider organizations can connect clinical and non-clinical data from a variety of sources to deliver real-time intelligent insights, which can be used to build automated journeys to help patients achieve better outcomes.

Financial Services

Financial advisors and bankers can help their clients accelerate their financial goals by providing the right advice at the right time.


Extend the power of Data Cloud with the AppExchange Data Cloud Collection, featuring 18 Data Cloud partner apps and experts that help companies automate relevant advertising, and enrich customer profiles.


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