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See Einstein 1 in Action

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how Einstein 1 can help create personalized experiences in the context of three customer stories.
  • Explain how connecting different departments around the customer can drive exceptional experiences and employee productivity.

Explore Three Customer Stories

You just learned how Einstein 1 brings together AI-powered CRM apps—for sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more—with data from any source. And this allows you to assist every employee with AI that’s accurate—while keeping your data private and secure within Salesforce.

In this unit, we share stories from Salesforce customers, showcasing the different ways they use Einstein 1 to grow relationships, productivity, and their bottom lines.

AI amplifies the Gucci voice across client service centers.

Gucci is known for infusing beauty into one-of-a-kind customer experiences. AI helps the fashion house practice its mantra, "the human touch, powered by technology," by scaling the capabilities of its advisors with brand-ready messages.

High-end customer service means going above and beyond with hyperpersonalization. Fashion house Gucci put AI at the center of Gucci 9, its global client service network, with Einstein. Now, AI generates bitesize conversation replies in a "Guccified" brand voice to help advisors assist customers, whether they’re looking to restore a vintage bag or make reservations at a Michelin-star Gucci Osteria. Whether customers engage in-store, by phone, or via WhatsApp, Gucci makes every interaction beautiful with connected customer data.

Gucci’s 600 client advisors across seven global hubs can communicate with a clear brand voice, while amplifying the human touch with AI. Gucci 9 teams are empowered to engage with customers on their specific interests along the customer journey. Gucci generates bitesize conversation replies in a distinct and authentic brand voice using Einstein for Service, which combines internal data with AI. Client advisors can then choose to use the reply as is, edit to further personalize the interaction, or write their own message.

Gucci also uses Salesforce to connect its stores and app. Marketing Cloud engages customers with push messages, emails, and notifications based on their physical location. This way, Gucci can connect with them in real time based on their shopping behavior and trends.

Customized dashboards in Tableau ensure advisors have all the resources they need to think like business owners. Advisors have powerful data and insights at their fingertips for SLAs, contacts, phone sales, chat sales, and clienteling.

Gucci then uses the data it gathers through customer interactions to create and share insights across the business. Tableau surfaces these insights to HR, finance, retail, and supply chain departments to facilitate more intelligent decision-making.

BACA Systems doubles productivity with Einstein 1 Sales.

BACA Systems offers innovative fabrication solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability for stone fabricators through state-of-the-art robotic and CNC-based machinery for the worldwide stone industry. After BACA Systems moved its resource planning system to Salesforce, it gave its sales team an extra edge in efficiency with generative AI powered by Einstein 1.

BACA Systems manages its entire sales cycle, including opportunities in Sales Cloud. In addition to giving reps easy access to their sales pipeline, Einstein 1 Sales also includes powerful AI tools to help them boost their productivity. If a rep is unsure how to progress an opportunity, Einstein recommends the next best step.

To make this possible, first BACA Systems will unlock and consolidate all of its data using Data Cloud. Then it will connect its data to Einstein 1 Sales which is used for monitoring and tracking performance for its sales reps.

Einstein Copilot will then use this data to give reps AI-driven recommendations in a trusted, secure environment. This will provide truly personalized guidance and allow the company to pull in data from cases and email conversations to ground custom prompts in Prompt Builder. For instance, a rep will be able to ask Copilot to “help me draft an email to Polly Prospect at the ABC Company.” Einstein will then reference all of the emails that have been sent to the prospect, service case notes, opportunity data, and other relevant data in Data Cloud to craft a personalized email, grounded in the context of that account.

Einstein also takes on manual tasks like writing call summaries so that reps can focus on deeper engagement with prospects and customers. Sales reps review these summaries and use them to inform their conversations when they reach out to prospects. If a prospect mentions interest in attending an open house, Einstein can write a custom subject line in the email invitation for the rep to send.

The result? The sales team spends less time creating emails, and those with AI-generated subject lines have higher open rates too. With these AI-powered enhancements, the company has doubled sales productivity.

Inter personalizes every banking experience with Data and AI.

Banco Inter is Brazil’s first 100% digital bank. A digital pioneer in the country’s financial landscape, Inter offers free checking, personal, corporate, and microenterprise accounts; loans and credit cards; and investment and insurance services.

In three years of high growth, Inter’s customer data started to spread across six different sources and 103 streams. Each customer might own multiple products, leading to duplicate records and irrelevant messages. Inter needed to connect with customers on a more personal level by uniting marketing, sales, web, and mobile app data in a single view.

As a pioneer in digital banking, Inter also wanted to lead the way in AI while managing risk and data privacy. By combining a single source of truth with AI, Inter could view each customer’s current products and predict what they’d need next.

Salesforce helps Inter unify customer profiles across data sources and engage them at every touchpoint. Data Cloud then segments the data into audiences to deliver the most timely communications with the right product offers. On average, this efficiency has helped Inter eliminate 1.5 hours of meetings per day.

Inter also uses Tableau to instantly analyze customer profiles and their preferences right in the flow of work. With Tableau and Data Cloud together, Inter can track the webpages customers visit and how often to recommend relevant products. This generates engagement scores for each customer, helping Inter create more than 3,500 new audience segments. By making each experience more personal, Inter increased conversion rates 35x and overall ROI 20x.

At first, Inter was concerned about the security risk of employees using outside generative AI apps. But with Slack, the company built its own InterGPT app in just days. Now, over 1,000 Inter developers can write and review product code in any development language.

Service employees also use the app to search the company’s knowledge base, generate answers to customer questions, and translate responses. This has saved each employee on average 30 minutes per month and led to $13,000 in monthly savings in productivity.

After reading about how these three customers are building personalized customer experiences, you can see how different departments must work together to create seamless, connected experiences across the entire customer lifecycle. And that’s possible with Einstein 1, which helps companies improve customer relationships with a 360-degree view of your customers in every app, together with trusted AI and data. Your employees across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more can meet your customers where they are in their journey—and update and collaborate on their CRM deals and records right within Slack to be more productive.

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