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Get Reps Working Efficiently in Workspaces

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe how workspaces benefit your sales reps.
  • Locate the actions your reps use most to work leads and close deals.
  • Review past activity related to a lead or an opportunity.

Learn How Reps Work Efficiently in Workspaces

Now that Maria has a good handle on Path and has gotten a couple of them set up, she’s ready to dig in to workspaces. The workspaces help reps get super efficient when they qualify leads and work deals. The lead and opportunity workspaces are command central for sales reps.

Anatomy of the Lead Workspace

In the previous unit, we talked about Erin and Lance. They’re the new sales reps at Ursa Major, and they need some guidance for getting on board with their company’s sales process.

Lead Workspace

Path (1) helps Erin and Lance do that. Remember how Maria worked with her sales operations manager, Lincoln, to determine and customize the stages that appear? When Maria created this path, she included these key fields that are important for working leads through this stage (2).

In this path, we can see that in the guidance for success (3) that Maria included best practices for her company’s sales reps to follow. Only after the sales reps complete all the stages can they convert the lead, and (fingers crossed) create a promising opportunity.

Maria’s reps can log calls and create activities, collaborate with colleagues and managers, and see all the details about their leads in one place (4). The composer (5) helps her reps stay focused on the lead of the moment. It’s super easy for reps to log calls, create tasks and events, and send emails—all without navigating away from the lead.

Erin and Lance see what’s next and a log of what has happened (6). Quickly access related information (7), such as contacts, products, and notes.

Let’s see the lead workspace in action.

Dissection of the Opportunity Workspace

The opportunity workspace includes some of the same elements as the lead workspace. The opportunity workspace is a one-stop shop for sales reps trying to close deals fast.

Opportunity Workspace

Again, we see Path (1), where Maria’s reps follow Ursa Major’s sales process. Her sales reps can expand the path (2) to see key fields and guidance for each stage. While in the workspace, sales reps see all the details about a single opportunity in one place (3).

Those new sales reps, Erin and Lance, quickly access related information (4), such as contacts, products, and notes. The composer (5) is where they log calls, create tasks and events, and send emails. And like with the lead workspace, Erin and Lance see what’s next—their scheduled activities, logged calls, completed tasks, past events, and sent emails (6).

Let’s see the opportunity workspace in action.

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