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Get Started with Sales AI

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how generative AI is transforming sales.
  • Explain the benefits of Einstein for Sales.

Generative AI Is Transforming Sales

While generative AI might seem like a buzzword, customers are embracing AI faster than ever. Gone are the days of intuition-based selling, manual sales processes, one-size-fits-all communication, and time-consuming tasks. You need every edge to compete and win in this new era of AI-powered growth. You need an AI strategy—now. The question is: How do you accelerate growth and productivity, while keeping costs low? The answer: Sales AI.

Accelerate Growth Now with Data + AI + CRM

Sales AI is the complete platform for Salesblazers, our community of sellers, sales leaders, and sales operations, to grow sales and increase productivity. With Sales AI—the #1 CRM for sales—data and AI are built right in, so you can sell faster, sell smarter, and sell efficiently to accelerate growth now. 

This complete tech suite, all on a single platform, brings together all your data and has AI and automation built in. You can do more with less and reduce complexity without having to deal with point solutions or complex integrations. This results in technology simplification, cost savings, and an improved seller experience so your teams can accelerate growth and productivity. 

Unleash Productivity with Sales AI

Generative AI is revolutionizing sales by boosting productivity and empowering sellers to do more with less. With Sales AI, you can enhance customer engagements at scale, automate sales processes and tasks, and close faster with data-driven guidance. 

Excited to get your hands on the latest AI innovations? Great news! With Sales AI you have all the tools to start today.

  • Einstein-powered email: You can auto-create personalized and impactful emails at scale for prospecting, meeting follow-up, sending proposals, and more.
  • Call summaries: Your reps save time and improve follow through by summarizing key mentions, transcripts, and action items automatically from previous calls.
  • Sales Assistant: This central hub helps you prep for meetings and provides other selling guidance.

So what makes Sales AI unique? The Salesforce approach to generative AI is rooted in four guiding principles.

  • Trust: It’s the most critical element of generative AI’s development. Our Zero Retention Policy with OpenAI ensures your data is not stored outside of Salesforce. Learn more about the 5 guidelines we’re using to develop trusted generative AI.
  • Relevance: Content is created using your own trusted CRM data to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Security: Sales AI is built on the secure platform Hyperforce. This ensures data privacy and keeps personal identifiable information safe.
  • Ecosystem: Use our open ecosystem to bring in any Large Language Model (LLM). Use your model, our model, or any model.

Sales AI offers your business a powerful and accessible tool for incorporating Einstein into your sales strategies to help your team sell with speed and efficiency like never before. 


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