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See Who Uses Public Sector Solutions

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List the groups that use Public Sector Solutions.
  • Describe how Public Sector Solutions improves the way constituents engage with government agencies.
  • Describe how Public Sector Solutions helps government staff accomplish their day-to-day goals and meet their challenges.

Who uses Public Sector Solutions? What are their goals and challenges? And how does Public Sector Solutions make their job—or, for constituents, their interaction with government agencies—easier? Let's find out.


It all starts with constituents. In Public Sector Solutions, constituents fall into two categories: business owners and individuals. 

Business Owners

Business owners often interact with government agencies to apply for and maintain their business licenses. Depending on the type of business, licensing can be complex. For example, to open a restaurant, the establishment has to pass a health and safety inspection and the owner has to get a liquor license, among other requirements. Some businesses apply for certain types of government grants, such as research and development grants.


Individual constituents, similarly, engage with government agencies to apply for licenses and permits: professional licenses, driver's licenses, remodeling permits, parking permits, camping permits, and much more. Individuals also apply for services and benefits, such as food stamps, housing assistance, or disability or unemployment insurance. Sometimes, individual constituents' government interactions aren't by choice. They may engage with social services agencies through court-ordered mandates, for example, or when a child is placed in foster care.

Challenges for Business Owners Challenges for Individuals
  • Need to apply for multiple licenses and permits, from multiple agencies, often at the same time.
  • Must fill out complex forms to apply for grants and manage the funding lifecycle.
  • Have limited visibility into approval processes, timing, and statuses.
  • Must track and manage renewal dates for each required authorization.
  • Risk fines or other penalties if they miss due dates or fail requirements.
  • Often lack an understanding of the role that a government agency plays with respect to their license, permit, benefit application, or social services case.
  • Don't know what benefits they're entitled to, or how to apply for them.
  • Don't know or have access to information they need to complete applications.
  • Have limited visibility into application approval processes, timing, and statuses.

The good news is that both business owners and individual constituents can have a better experience with their government agencies by using a public portal built on Public Sector Solutions. They can review application requirements, submit completed applications, and track application status. They can log in at any time to see updates and review messages, and provide additional documentation if necessary. Constituents can even download the license or permit when it's approved. They don't have to submit a single paper form, or wait in a single line!

Reviewers, Approvers, and Compliance Officers

Reviewers, approvers, and compliance officers in a government agency issue licenses and permits, and are responsible for processing applications in a timely way. They ensure that applications adhere to policy and procedure and meet all applicable regulatory and legal requirements.

Reviewers, approvers, and compliance officers:

  • Communicate with applicants about statuses and next steps.
  • Collaborate with inspectors, case managers, and other professionals and domain experts in their agency and in other agencies and organizations.
  • Manage inquiries, appeals, and court hearings in addition to reviewing and processing applications and authorizations.
  • Enforce regulations for violations and ensure completion of enforcement actions.

And here’s how Public Sector Solutions helps reviewers, approvers, and compliance officers.

  • Automatically notifies them when applications are received.
  • Sends automated emails to constituents about the status of their applications.
  • Shows applications in a Kanban view so reviewers, inspectors, and others can track and manage the applications.
  • Provides next actions on the application record and uses automation to make sure that all required tasks are completed.
  • Enables stakeholders to collaborate on approvals with Slack workflows.

Inspectors and Caseworkers

Inspectors conduct, well, inspections to assess an establishment's or individual's regulatory compliance for the issuance of a license or permit. 

Caseworkers assess and document the healthcare, social services, financial, and legal needs of adults, families, and children, and connect those constituents with available services and benefits.

Inspectors and caseworkers:

  • Need visibility into past inspections or assessments, visits, and case histories.
  • Need ready access to applicable regulatory code and benefits.
  • Must complete detailed and specific tasks to sign off on inspections.
  • Work onsite and remotely and so require tools to easily record their findings in both environments.

Here’s how Public Sector Solutions helps inspectors and caseworkers.

  • Offers desktop and mobile versions of the Inspection Management app, so inspectors and caseworkers can document visits, findings, and violations from the road or in the office.
  • Includes regulatory code in the Inspection Management app, so inspectors can quickly and easily refer to definitive records in the moment.
  • Provides checklists, sequential tasks, and action plans to make sure all information is gathered and all assessments are completed.
  • Offers care plans with goals that help individuals achieve goals, reach milestones, and receive benefits to which they’re entitled.


Government analysts collect, organize, study, and report on data regarding operational and functional efficiency and effectiveness. Using the data, they collaborate with department leadership and executives to improve processes and optimize staff workload and performance.

The Analytics for Licenses, Permits, and Inspections CRM Analytics app provides actionable insights that help analysts effectively manage their agency and its departments, work more productively, and improve constituent satisfaction. The app includes the following dashboards.

  • Compliance Insights: Tracks your agency's performance and provides insights into the impact of inspections and enforcement actions on violations.
  • Executive Summary: Monitors your agency’s performance and constituent satisfaction.
  • Department Summary: Monitors your department's performance and identifies applications and inspections that need attention.
  • Account Insights: Provides insights into the status of applications, licenses, complaints, inspections, and violations associated with an account.

Salesforce Admins

As with every Salesforce product, a dedicated administrator sets up and maintains a Public Sector Solutions org. Guided Setup, a feature in Public Sector Solutions, walks admins through all the tasks they need to complete, from verifying licenses and configuring sharing settings to building an Experience Cloud portal using a Public Sector Solutions template. Whether you enable all Public Sector Solutions functionality at once or over time, Guided Setup leads the way. Admin and developer documentation, Trailhead, and a robust partner ecosystem are also on hand to support admins as they configure and maintain their Public Sector Solutions orgs.

In this module, you learned how Public Sector Solutions helps to solve the many challenges that government agencies face. You learned how Einstein 1 puts your constituents at the center of your agency's digital transformation. And you learned about the different people who use Public Sector Solutions. Thanks to Public Sector Solutions, government agencies can deliver flexible, secure services and ensure a positive experience for constituents and staff.


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