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Automate Onboarding

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Sales Cloud PRM makes it easy to onboard a new partner.
  • Describe how to train and certify new partners.
  • Manage partners in Sales Cloud PRM.

Save Time Recruiting and Onboarding Partners

Recruiting and onboarding partners is the first step to building a good partner relationship.

A custom page with custom branding with a web to lead form

Promote Programs and Capture Leads

Sales Cloud PRM can be built into your existing website and with Experience Builder. A custom page highlighting your partner program can be built easily with clicks, not code. You can embed a Web to Lead Form that captures the information of interested partners. Use questionnaires to gain even more insight and see if potential partners are a good fit for your company.

Streamline Internal Reviews and Approvals

Make the internal partner vetting process more effective with Profiling, e-Signature, and Partner Provisioning capabilities available on the AppExchange. Also look for the Partner Recruitment App on the AppExchange. This app provides partner recruitment forms with predefined fields or questions, customizable emails that can be sent to potential partners with links to the questionnaire, and response tracking.

Train and Certify Partners with LMS Apps

Learning management solution (LMS) apps are available to be drag and dropped as a component into Sales Cloud PRM. You can find these on the AppExchange. Salesforce has a strategic relationship with partners, like Appinium and NetExam, who have created apps that make training a breeze.

Personalize Learning Journeys

Create learning journeys by role and even by specific partner. When a partner first visits your onboarding page, the experience can be tailored to focus on the tasks necessary to be onboarded, making it clear to partners what their next steps are. With Salesforce partners, like Appinium and NetExam, you can provide videos online for 24/7 learning, and as partners finish the training, it will trigger rules that automatically mark a partner as certified or onboarded. Once complete, the partner portal can be set up to switch over to the main partner experience.

Monitor and Report on Training 

Prebuilt reports and dashboards allow vendors to monitor the progression of their partners, or even partner managers, to track their team’s performance.

Manage Partners on One Platform

Create Structured Partner Programs

As partners pass specific checkpoints on their learning journey, they can be encouraged with better access and more rewards. Walk partners through different levels, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. By incentivizing partners with rewards at higher partner levels, vendors can push partners to work hard to achieve goals that benefit both the vendors and the partners.

Set Performance Goals and KPIs

With Channel Account Plans, vendors can set goals for their partners and track them with reports and dashboards. This provides a goal for the partners to aim for when planning their own internal sales goals. By tracking this data in Salesforce, vendors can have a 360-degree view of their partners.

By creating a Partner Scorecard, vendors can maintain a consistent partner growth strategy by measuring the KPIs from the channel account plan.


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