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Analyze Performance and Deliver Service

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how a vendor can provide self-service capabilities to partners.
  • Explain what analytics tools come out of the box with Sales Cloud PRM.
  • Explain which advanced analytics tools are available to partners.

Power Partner Self-Service

Partner Self-Service

Extend an AI-Powered Knowledge Base

By embedding Knowledge in Sales Cloud PRM, vendors can provide self-service articles to partners so they can get answers to the most common questions anytime. Artificial intelligence suggests related articles as well as currently trending articles.

Partners Can Submit and Manage Cases

Whether they need help with onboarding, have issues with a product, or any other reason, partners want the ability to ask specific questions of their vendors. With Case Management, partners can submit cases, and vendors can manage those cases in an organized way. Cases are automatically routed to the appropriate support staff, so they can be handled by the people best suited to resolve the case.

Deliver Real-Time Chat Support

If partners need more personalized support, vendors can provide in-app chatting with Live Agent. The vendor can set specific service hours when their partners can reach out to them through an online chat window and have a conversation with a real service agent.

Deliver Out-of-the-Box Analytics

Enable Partners to Easily Create Reports

Allow partners to slice and dice their data the way they like with Lightning Report Builder. The best part: You decide which data the partner has access to, just like any other user in Salesforce.

Control Data Shown to Partners

Expose select internal data in charts without providing full access to the underlying data by sharing dashboards with partners. That way, partners can track their progress compared to other partners without seeing all of the sensitive details.

Make Critical Decisions from Anywhere

Mobile responsive reports and dashboards allow vendors and partners to make decisions from any device.

Make Data Exploration Easy with Tableau CRM for Sales

Einstein Sales Analytics shown in a branded org with different dashboard charts

Enable Partners to Understand Their Business

Tableau CRM for Sales allows vendors to take any data source and bring it into Salesforce. This data can provide valuable sales performance insights to partners. Performance summaries and historical benchmarking are just some of the features of Tableau CRM for Sales.

Dynamic Charts for Easy Analysis

Allow partners to drill into data in a visually appealing way. As partners click into different sections, the charts and graphs automatically update to reflect selected filters, which makes it easy for them to find upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This is truly self-service data exploration in the channel.


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