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Amplify Channel Marketing

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the difference between To-Partner and Through-Partner marketing.
  • Explain how Sales Cloud PRM does To-Partner marketing.
  • Explain how Sales Cloud PRM does Through-Partner marketing.

Two Different Types of Partner Marketing

Channel marketers can either market to their partners, where the message is for the partners themselves, or they can market through their partners, where the goal is to spread the vendor’s brand message to end customers. With To-Partner marketing, the goals are to attract new partners to join their network and inform current partners about the latest products and updates. With Through-Partner marketing, the goals are to ensure that the brand message is being consistently passed to customers and to help partners drive demand.

Increase Partner Adoption with To-Partner Marketing

Create Partner Journeys by Event

1:1 Journeys provides the opportunity to nurture and market to potential new partners by demonstrating the value of becoming a partner with your company. A journey can be triggered by events in Sales Cloud PRM, such as a new user logging in for the first time or a user being inactive for a set period of time. These cross-channel journeys help engage your partner ecosystem to keep your company top of mind.

Tailor Experiences by Region, Program, and Level

The Experience Builder allows admins to provide personalized experienced with audience targeting. Based on a user’s region, profile, or other user attributes in Salesforce, they can be served up different branding or page layouts. Now you can deliver the right information and tools to the right users to make it fast and easy to do business with you.

Deliver a Rich Experience

Vendors can enhance the experience of their partners by plugging into Sales Cloud PRM any of the thousands of lightning components available on the AppExchange.

Drive Demand with Through-Partner Marketing

When a majority of your business is through indirect channels, it can be tough to establish a personal relationship with your end customers. The reality is that partners are the communicators of your brand, and they will share a message that you are or are not providing to them. That’s why it is important to protect your brand by providing them with your latest brand messaging. This also ensures that you have a consistent message across all of your hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of partners. Having a network of partners spreading your messaging is a great way to amplify your message and increase your brand reach.

Centralize Partner Marketing Initiatives

By visiting the Campaign Marketplace on their partner portal, partners can view marketing campaigns that their vendors have set up for them and choose the one that will help them market to customers and drive demand. It’s a one-stop shop for branded marketing initiatives for the partners.

Provide Prebuilt Campaigns

With Distributed Marketing, vendors can provide prepackaged campaigns to their partners to help them drive demand while also protecting the vendor’s brand. Partners can take those campaigns and further personalize them for their customers.

Campaign personalization defaults setup in Salesforce

Submit and Track Fund Requests

Some partners want to execute their own campaigns, so it is common for partners to request market development funds (MDF) or cooperative (Co-Op) funds from the vendor. MDF is provided ahead of sales, and the amount is usually based on the partner’s level or status with the vendor. Co-Op funds are provided after sales to reward consistent large-volume partners who need to plan long-term marketing activities. With Sales Cloud PRM, partners can request, track, and access approved MDF and Co-Op marketing funds.


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