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Get Started with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Email

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to use email templates.
  • Describe how to use lists.
  • Explain important compliance considerations.

Organize for Success

You’re a B2B marketer, and you’re ready to send some emails. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement can definitely help you with that! 

Target Your Audience with Lists

With Account Engagement you can add recipients into static or dynamic segmentation lists and remove recipients with a suppression list. You’ll find several ways to build your lists, including list import, manual or bulk add, and automation tools. After a list is set up, you’ll select it during the email sending process.

Stay on Brand with Templates

Getting an email to look just right can be tricky. Is the color scheme right? Is this logo too big? Is the spacing correct? Skip the stress by creating email templates. 

Email templates are reusable email layouts with predefined styles. Design it once, and reuse it as many times as you want. Use them as the foundation of your list emails, one-to-one emails, automated emails, and the emails used in engagement programs. 

Tip: Think about what types of messages you send, and create a basic template for each one. 

Build Your Message

You’ve identified your audience and built your templates. Now you can start getting messages out to the right people. With Account Engagement you can send marketing, operational, and automated emails to all of your targeted audiences.

Build Emails in Salesforce Classic

The Account Engagement original email experience can help you create email templates and content that deliver the personalized experience your buyers expect. Work from an email template or predefined layout, and enter the text and images you like. If you’re comfortable with HTML, you can edit the source code directly. To see how you’re doing, open the Preview tab at any time. 

Build Emails in Lightning

If you’re using Lightning, you also have access to a different email experience that’s built on Salesforce. Enjoy drag-and-drop functionality, quickly repurpose and resend email content, and personalize your messages with Salesforce data. As you work, you can preview your email on desktop or mobile. 

Choose whether to send the email immediately or at a scheduled time. And of course, Account Engagement reporting and analytics helps you track your email engagement.

Tip: Account Engagement Advanced and Premium users have access to sending options, such as Einstein Send Time Optimization. You select the time frame for sending, AI identifies when your prospect is most likely to engage with an email, and Account Engagement sends it right on time. 

Go Beyond Bulk Sending

In addition to the traditional list email send, Account Engagement handles automated and operational emails, and can even help your sales team send one-to-one emails.

  • Automated emails: To target prospects or to follow up via email after a high-impact engagement activity, combine emails with our powerful automation tools like completion actions and automation rules. For maximum automation, add your emails to a nurturing program in Engagement Studio.
  • One-to-one emails: Salesforce Engage allows marketers to share approved email templates with sales users. Sales reps select a template, add their content, and click Send. Easy.
  • Operational emails: On occasion, you must send a critical notification to everyone on your list, even if they’ve unsubscribed from marketing messages. This should only be used in special situations, so the ability to send operational emails is turned off by default.

Stay Compliant

Account Engagement takes its sending reputation and deliverability seriously. And so should you. Review our permission-based marketing policy to stay compliant with all of the relevant anti-spam and privacy regulations in your area.

Deliverability is partly based on the sending reputation of the IP address that’s used to send your messages. There are different ways to bolster your sending reputation, including email authentication, data hygiene, and even great-quality content. When you’re ready to dig in, start with our Email Deliverability Implementation Guide.

Tip: Set a reminder to review email engagement quarterly. Add unengaged prospects to a suppression list to help keep your deliverability high.

So are you ready to start sending emails? Think about how different types of emails fit into your marketing plan, and then create your lists and templates. You’ll be monitoring engagement and replying to new prospects in no time. 


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