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Explore Salesforce for Nonprofits Products and Features

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Salesforce for Nonprofits products and features meet common nonprofit needs.
  • Describe how to get started with Salesforce for Nonprofits.

Select the Right Tools for Your Nonprofit

For decades, Salesforce has helped organizations build relationships that build change. Salesforce for Nonprofits connects you with your stakeholders and unlocks the knowledge to make an impact.

Salesforce for Nonprofits is a set of products and features built into and on top of the Salesforce Platform.

To help you select the right tools for your organization, in this unit we review Salesforce for Nonprofits products and features, with a focus on Nonprofit Cloud.

Explore Nonprofit Cloud

New products from Salesforce for Nonprofits are part of Nonprofit Cloud.

Nonprofit Cloud is built directly in Salesforce. It includes tools for fundraising, program management, case management, and outcome management. If your organization distributes funds or in-kind grants, consider using Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking.

Nonprofit Cloud also includes common components shared across Salesforce Industries to enable any nonprofit to get started fast and accelerate time to value. This purpose-built toolkit enables you to tailor Nonprofit Cloud to the unique requirements of your stakeholders in a fast and secure way without having to start from scratch.

Let’s check out solutions for different parts of your organization.

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

Nonprofit Cloud includes purpose-built apps for fundraising operations, mass-market fundraising, and high-touch fundraising. No matter your role in a fundraising and development office, you can nurture authentic relationships, enable data-driven fundraising, and boost efficiency.

  • Fundraising staff get tools for gift entry and management, from gift commitments through financial reconciliation.
  • High-touch and major-gift fundraisers get tools to manage their portfolio and deeply understand their donors with donor profiles.
  • Mass market fundraisers get tools to track their efforts through source codes and tools for segmentation.

A campaign record in the Donor Engagement app includes interest tags, source codes, and default gift designations.

Bringing all of these roles together into one system helps unify your fundraising team, breaking down internal divisions.

Nonprofit Cloud for Programs

Nonprofit Cloud gives your program team the tools to define, plan, deliver, and track programs and benefit disbursements. It connects the dots so you can make real-time decisions about how to improve your work. It provides insights, collaboration tools, and efficiencies that increase impact.

A program record with a count of program participants and benefit disbursements.

Plus, the case-management tools help drive program participant outcomes by giving your team the full context for each participant. Nonprofit Cloud for Programs helps you deliver more personalized service even when your case managers work with many participants.

Nonprofit Cloud for Outcome Management

With all of your program and service data in one system, connect it to Nonprofit Cloud’s Outcome Management features to track and evaluate your impact.

Outcome Management gives you the tools to set your outcome strategy, then make it actionable with indicators to measure your progress. Your team can set targets and track results to stay accountable to your mission.

The Outcome Management home page includes components to review outcomes and create assessments.

If you collect feedback from the people or communities you serve, the built-in Dynamic Assessments tool streamlines the collection of outcomes data from program participants.


While we recommend you use Nonprofit Cloud, Salesforce offers an alternative series of managed packages for nonprofits. The foundational managed package is Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). It provides a standard data architecture and tools to track details about donors and other stakeholders. Learn more on the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) product page.

Discover Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

If your organization provides funding to other organizations or individuals, you can choose Grantmaking for Nonprofit Cloud. It’s an end-to-end grantmaking solution designed to drive efficiency, create positive experiences for grantees, and invest in better outcomes. Plus, it gives you  all the features of Nonprofit Cloud—Fundraising, Program Management, and Outcome Management.

Grantmaking helps you manage the entire grantmaking process. It extends your Salesforce instance to give you a unified view of your funding programs through the planning, delivery, and evaluation stages. 

The home page of the Grantmaking Experience Cloud template.

What’s more, a site template for Experience Cloud helps you create an online portal to better communicate and collaborate with your grantees.

Bring It All Together

That’s many products and features. Where do you start?

Sign up for a trial of Nonprofit Cloud to explore it yourself.

Then, talk with one of our account executives or certified, trusted consulting partners to help you decide what’s right for you.

Nonprofits can also benefit from The Power of Us Program, which helps eligible nonprofits get started with Salesforce and our nonprofit solutions. After your application for the program is approved, work with your Salesforce account executive, and log in to the Power of Us Portal to view your access options. Check the links in the Resources section for details.

From there, the Salesforce platform is ready for you to use and customize. You can add more licenses or products as needed, including ready-built solutions from AppExchange, the Salesforce marketplace of apps and features.

Now that you understand Salesforce for Nonprofits and its solutions, you’re ready to take your next step and learn more. Good luck on your journey!


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