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Get Started with Anypoint Code Builder

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe Anypoint Code Builder.
  • Explain how Anypoint Code Builder improves developer productivity.
  • Identify the main features of Anypoint Code Builder.
  • Get started with Anypoint Code Builder

What Is Anypoint Code Builder?

Anypoint Code Builder is an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables developers to design, build, test, and deploy APIs and integrations from their web browser or desktop. 

Anypoint Code Builder has the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code (VS Code) combined with the new Anypoint Extension Pack that provides a modern integration developer experience. The IDE has an easy-to-use customizable interface, syntax highlighting, debugging tools, and seamless integration with external tools like version control.

Anypoint Code Builder can be spun up in minutes using your favorite browser or, if you prefer, you can use your existing desktop instance of VS Code. Just log in to your Anypoint Platform account and you’re ready to design APIs using OAS, implement APIs using the graphical editor, test your implementations with the debugger, and deploy them with a few simple clicks.

Let’s dig into this more in the next section.

How Anypoint Code Builder Improves Developer Productivity

Developers want flexibility in the tools they use for their work. Anypoint Code Builder makes this possible by its ability to be used in a zero-install web-based experience or on your desktop.

Anypoint Code Builder provides these productivity features.

  • A browser-based IDE to allow you to work from anywhere
  • Visual Studio Code extensions
  • A graphical user interface to define your integration flows
  • A central palette to quickly access commonly used commands
  • Code snippets to promote best practices and accelerate development
  • Linting support for validation
  • An interactive debugger

Key Features of Anypoint Code Builder

Let’s explore some exciting key features.

Graphical Canvas

You can craft integration flows using reusable building blocks. Add connectors, interfaces built from API specifications, data transformations, routers, and more using an intuitive user interface. The canvas is a visual representation of the routes and processing that happens when a message is received by your integration endpoint.

Graphical Canvas in Anypoint Code Builder.

A New Command Palette 

The command palette is one of the focal features of developing in VS Code. Open the command palette to access all of the MuleSoft-specific commands to help you design, build, and test your Mule applications faster than ever before. 

Command Palette in Anypoint Code Builder.


Snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns. Developers can use snippets to quickly edit Mule applications using IntelliSense, a built-in code-completion feature of VS Code, to find the relevant snippet to use. Anypoint Code Builder comes with some pre-built snippets out-of-the-box. You also have the ability to create your own to use in future projects.


DataWeave is a programming language designed by MuleSoft. It’s used for accessing and transforming data that travels through a Mule application. Anypoint Code Builder provides the ability to interact with DataWeave libraries and preview the transformation live.

Test Mocking Service

Use the built-in Mocking Service in Anypoint Code Builder to test your API specifications to:

  • Preview API functionality before implementing it.
  • Send requests to a specification and receive defined responses.
  • Simulate different scenarios, such as timeouts and errors.

Get Started with Anypoint Code Builder

Ready to get started? Check out the Anypoint Code Builder docs and tutorials. And sign up for Anypoint Platform below:

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