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Learn About Marketing Cloud’s Social Media Management Product

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Identify key features for our Social Media management product.
  • Explain social use cases.


Oh hey there, welcome back! In this unit, you learn more about our social product, Social Studio. You get a better understanding of how the power of social can help you engage with your customers in a more personal way.

Social Studio

We all like to feel heard. With Social Studio you can listen, publish, engage, and analyze your customer’s conversations on social media. That means you can listen to the social media conversation about your brand, then identify the most engaging content. Share your analysis with different product, regional, or brand teams. You can adjust your marketing strategy as these conversations happen and get the most compelling and effective content to your customers—no more waiting days or weeks or even months for engagement reports.

In Social Studio you can:

  • Plan and publish social marketing campaigns.
  • Listen to and analyze social media conversations to monitor your social media presence.
  • Use social with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
  • Control content publishing with approval rules.

Social Studio Use Cases

Let's review some specific use cases for Social Studio.

  • Your service social team learns that a customer posted a complaint on Twitter, saying that they didn’t receive the right item with their order. This triggers your services social team to take immediate action and respond to the customer on Twitter and make the order right. Your customer is impressed with the immediate response and thanks you on Twitter and recommends your company to their followers. With Social Studio you improve response time and increase customer satisfaction rates. #winning
  • A member of your sales team uses social listening to learn about someone interested in your company. Your sales team immediately responds to that lead with relevant information, and now has an audit trail on the lead. Connecting Social Studio to the Sales Cloud helps social teams connect sales teams with qualified leads
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