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Learn How Our Marketing Cloud Products Work Together

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Explain how Marketing Cloud Email Studio and Journey Builder work together.
  • Share an example of how Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio and Social Studio can help customers


In the first three units, we talked about each of the Marketing Cloud products as individual solutions, but the power of Marketing Cloud is when they’re used together. In this last unit, we take a look at two customer stories using a fictional shoe company, Invent Shoes. We find out how Invent Shoes’ problems were solved using Marketing Cloud products. But first, a little disclaimer—these customer stories are intended to provide a high-level view of possible Marketing Cloud solutions—they’re not necessarily complete solutions. For the sake of time and space, the stories don’t explain every step or possible solution. OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s return to our story of Invent Shoes.

Meet Invent Shoes

Invent Shoes is a global company with its home office in Toronto, Canada. The company has more than 300 physical stores worldwide and a large online shoe store, specializing in high-end athletic shoes (especially hard-to-find styles and sizes). Its most recent employee success survey identified that employee onboarding is in need of improvement.

Invent Shoes Logo


Meet Cuyén Palomo, a new remote employee for Invent Shoes. He is a software engineer, living in Costa Rica, who’ll be managing a remote team stretching across three different time zones.
“I went to school in the United States, but now I work in my home country of Costa Rica to be close to family. I’m excited to start my new job.”
Meet Shan Ko, a new employee for Invent Shoes—this is her first job. She’s an associate software engineer located in the Toronto home office. She just moved to Toronto and doesn’t know very many people.
“I’m a newbie…to the city, to the company, and to the working world. I just received my welcome email. I’m so excited to get started!”

Problem: Employee Onboarding

Invent Shoes is planning a major redesign of its online store and is hiring several new software engineers to help complete the project. Invent Shoes employee onboarding has been historically haphazard, depending on which mentor was assigned to an employee. The inconsistent onboarding has caused many employees to leave after just a few months, especially remote employees who feel completely lost and out of touch. Invent Shoes needs to get new software engineers ramped up and ready to contribute if it’s going to complete the online store redesign. The company also needs a more predictable, dependable, and meaningful employee onboarding experience if it’s going to keep new employees happy.

Let’s look at our two new employees and the challenges they can face in their new jobs.

  • Remote employee
  • Mentor will be remote
  • Managing remote team
  • First job, right out of college
  • Living in a new city away from family
  • Has never signed up for insurance or benefits before

Engage with Experts

Invent Shoes partners with Marketing Cloud experts and shares the most recent employee success survey results and comments about the employee onboarding process. Everyone works together to identify the ideal employee onboarding journey. Marketing Cloud Services works with the IT department at Invent Shoes to make sure the technology is ready to start using Marketing Cloud. Email Studio and Journey Builder are identified as the solution to keep new employees informed, engaged, and to be productive sooner.

Solution: Email Studio and Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud experts meet with Invent Shoes’ employee success and tech representatives who share the inconsistent onboarding experience findings. The team gets to work and maps out the ideal employee onboarding experience, or as we call it, the customer journey. They also decide on an email campaign series that guides employees through the onboarding process, so no steps are missed and the information is consistent.

Marketing Cloud Services builds a blueprint of the new Invent Shoes employee onboarding journey using:

  • Email Studio to create and send the emails.
  • Journey Builder to trigger all the emails and logic based on employee actions and profile.

For example, the system emails remote employees resources to help them be a successful remote employee. Employees new to its office city get emails and resources about that city. Using Journey Builder, employees are now guided through the onboarding process with an email campaign containing action items, reminders, and general new employee information—consistent messaging that’s timely, relevant, and accurate.

Journey builder


Six months after implementing Marketing Cloud, Invent Shoes’ new onboarding has been a huge success! The company has seen a 51% increase in satisfaction for its employee onboarding program. Employee Success has also seen a big drop in calls and emails with questions and complaints about onboarding. Mentors are happier because they’re able to do more actual mentoring, instead of answering basic logistical questions. Stakeholders are thrilled with the increase in employee retention and the results of the latest employee satisfaction survey results. Oh, and the new online store redesign project is on track with reports of new employees contributing to the project within 2 weeks of hire.

What happened to Cuyén and Shan?

Cuyén’s biggest challenge centered around being a remote employee. His employee journey provided several remote-employee specific resources, tips, and guidelines. Cuyén was also included in the part of the employee journey just for managers. He really loved them because they helped him feel more confident and successful as a manager. The regular emails with resources helped him incorporate information gradually, versus having it all come in at once and be overwhelming.
Shan Shan Ko’s main employee challenge was that she was just new—new to everything. She found her employee journey super helpful with clear instructions on signing up for benefits and how to develop relationships with her team members. Shan was also new to Toronto, so her journey included an invite to join the Toronto Rookie group that helps employees meet people and attend social events. She’s well on the way to feeling like a local and loving her new job.

So now you’ve seen Email Studio and Journey Builder in action, next we look at how Invent Shoes used Mobile Studio and Social Studio, to reach several different types of customers with very different needs.

Problem: Customer Service

Part of the Invent Shoes online store redesign is an improved customer service interface, and new mobile and social capabilities. Customers expect prompt and live feedback with orders, product questions, and returns. Invent Shoes prides itself on its friendly and prompt service. In the past, the company has depended on email and customer service hotlines to give customers what they need. Its products are not cheap, but they are high quality. Invent Shoes has made quality products and customer service a part of its brand. Now, it’s interested in providing more than just customer service, but building customer relationships.

Let’s look at Invent Shoes’ customers and the challenges they face.

Sarah Rael
  • City walking all day long
  • Professional shoes that are stylish, yet comfortable
  • Shoes need to be worn for day and night events
George Pawley
  • Oldest daughter requires special shoes
  • Busy dad of three with no time to go into a store
Antonella Toro
  • Shoes to wear at the office and to walk around the city
  • Running shoes for marathons
Lucy Preston
  • Sturdy hiking boots for adventure trips
  • Will be spending long days walking around historical sites
Christian Beich
  • Long days on his feet at the hospital
  • Hospital floors can be slippery

Engage with Experts

Marketing Cloud experts worked with Invent Shoes to identify missed service and relationship-building opportunities. Invent Shoes has been using Email Studio to connect with customers (and employees—check out unit 3), and now the company is ready to branch out to mobile and social channels. Marketing Cloud services, Invent Shoes stakeholders, and tech leaders partner once again, and this time they develop a mobile and social strategy that aligns to the shoe company’s business goals. The company decides to use Mobile Studio and Social Studio to execute the strategy, and use Content Builder to store all of its digital assets.

Let’s find out more about this Marketing Cloud solution combo.

Solution: Mobile Studio and Social Studio

Marketing Cloud services and the Invent Shoes teams work together to identify ways to connect to customers via mobile and social:

  • Mobile Studio: They decide to use SMS text messages to send customers updates on orders, including shipping notifications and returns. They use Mobile Studio with Mobile Connect to send the SMS messages to keep customers up to date on their orders and any customer service issues.
  • Social Studio: They use this to listen to and analyze social media conversations about Invent Shoes, and then respond in real time to customers. Invent Shoes monitors social media conversations about its brand in order to contact customers directly when an issue arises, or to just thank the customer for being loyal. Customer service reps are able to respond to issues as they’re happening, implement a solution, and solve the customer’s problem. Reps can also thank loyal customers when they show off their new Invent Shoes with a tweet or post.

Mobile Studio

Social Studio


Another big win for the marketing team! Three months after implementing Mobile Studio and Social Studio customer satisfaction rates have doubled. Customers are flocking to social media to tell their Invent Shoes customer service success stories. There’s even a hashtag (#ImaInventShoes) that’s gone viral on social media where customers post pics of themselves in their Invent Shoes hiking, walking, running, leaping, and even swimming. Invent Shoes customer service reps love their real-time tools that enable them to quickly and efficiently solve customer issues before they really become issues.

What Happened to the Customers?

Sarah has been a loyal Invent Shoes customer for 5 years. Her most recent order was delivered with the wrong size shoes. She tweeted a picture of the size 5 shoes next to her size 8 feet with the hashtag, #wrongSizeInventShoes. The social media team replied to her tweet and promised to send her the right size overnight—and, they did. She even received SMS messages with the progress of her shipment. Sarah stayed a loyal customer and regularly tweets on how great Invent is.
George posted on social media that he was looking for shoes for his 6-year-old daughter that would be sturdy enough for her to walk, yet look like “little girl” shoes. George’s friend posted a recommendation for Invent Shoes. Social media reps were able to comment in George’s feed and post pictures of the “sturdy-girl-shoes” Invent Shoes had in stock. George was sold. George’s daughter was giddy.
Antonella saw #ImaInventShoes trending and decided to investigate, then purchased new running shoes for her upcoming race—which she won! She tweeted her winning pic with her shoes and her medal. Social media reps congratulated her on her achievement, and promoted her tweet on the company Twitter account and website. She’s sold on Invent Shoes.
Lucy blogged about her worldwide travels, and caught on to the viral hashtag #ImaInventShoes. She started posting pictures of her shoes at historical sites, and blogging about “their” adventures. After finding out about Lucy’s blog, Invent Shoes social media reps worked with Lucy to feature her story on their company website. She has many pix of Invent Shoes on her online slideshow.
Christian heard about Invent Shoes from a nursing friend who recently moved to Canada. He decided to give them a shot. He ordered a pair of shoes that boasted durability and comfort for extended wear, including nonslip soles. He received SMS text updates about his order, so he knew exactly when they would be arriving at his apartment. Then he told everyone at the hospital about his new shoes—now, half of the staff wears Invent Shoes.


Marketing Cloud is made up of several products to help you engage your customers with the right message at the right time, through studios for creating and managing email, mobile, social media, advertisements, website landing pages—wherever your customer goes, on any device. Now you know how they can fit together. We can’t wait to see how you use Marketing Cloud to build personalized customer journeys in your company.