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Automate Customer Interactions with Marketing Cloud Engagement

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Marketing Cloud Engagement connects to the rest of the Customer Success Platform.
  • Explain how Marketing Cloud Engagement earns your trust.

Marketing Cloud Engagement and the Customer Success Platform

Because Salesforce is a single platform, it is uniquely positioned to connect the entire customer experience. But how does that work exactly? Marketing Cloud Connect integrates Marketing Cloud Engagement across the Customer Success Platform, giving you the ability to deliver connected customer engagement across your entire business. Here are some examples.

  • Commerce Cloud: Increase loyalty and retention with behavioral-influenced emails. Set up triggers in Journey Builder for commerce activities like making a purchase or abandoning a cart.
  • Service Cloud: Open and close service cases, or launch a customer into a Journey from a case creation in Service Cloud.
  • Sales Cloud: Onboard new customers, open new opportunities, and drive product adoption with Journeys triggered by actions in Sales Cloud.
  • Experience Cloud: Encourage participation for unanswered posts, drive engagement and retention, and set up drip campaigns to follow-up on activities in Experience Cloud.

As you can see, when you connect Marketing Cloud Engagement, you get a complete up-to-date profile of every customer, so you can make smarter marketing decisions. 

With Marketing Cloud Connect, you can leverage all of your service and sales data, sending messages to prospects and customers with marketing-approved images and content. You can tailor every interaction directly from Marketing Cloud Engagement and deliver your message across all channels and devices. Marketing Cloud Engagement can listen for customer actions, and when a prospect turns into a customer, Marketing Cloud Engagement continues the customer journey. Marketing Cloud Connect makes any journey possible.

Marketing Cloud Connect in Action

Here’s how Marketing Cloud Connect functionality can help you use data collected across Salesforce Marketing, Sales, Service, and Experience Clouds to build 1-to-1 relationships with your customers.

  1. Sync CRM data to personalize every email: By connecting data across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Engagement, users gain direct access to data from any object across Salesforce, directly inside Marketing Cloud Engagement. No technical resources needed! You can use this data for anything—personalization, dynamic content, or even combine it with other data in Marketing Cloud Engagement for an enriched customer profile.
  2. Automate interactions across every touchpoint: Based on how a customer interacts with you, trigger specific journeys that encompass marketing, sales, service, and every touchpoint a customer might have with an organization.
  3. Empower anyone to create connected experiences: Create templated, on-brand, customer journeys that advisors, owners, and partners can personalize and send themselves.

You can use each of these capabilities individually or combined together, to create seamless experiences—no matter how your customers are engaging with your brand. 

Trust in Marketing Cloud Engagement

Trust is number one at Salesforce, so just like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud Engagement has a website that shows real-time information about our performance and security. Get insight into current incidents, their impact on performance, and updates. You can track the status of every product and access the details of incidents and reports, as well as check out the day’s performance. Your customers depend on you, and you depend on us to keep our products performing and your customers’ data secure. 

Check it out: is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement’s community home for real-time information on system performance and security. 


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