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Create Personalized Customer Connections with Marketing Cloud Engagement

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how evolving technology and customer expectations are impacting the marketing industry.
  • Identify the products that make up Marketing Cloud Engagement.


We're in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution—where artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the customer experience. With each of these new technologies comes a new wave of data signals. And as marketers, we need to be able to capture and make sense of all that valuable data in order to deploy intelligent marketing strategies. Disconnected data sources and departments make synchronizing all the channels that much more difficult. Luckily, this is where Marketing Cloud Engagement can help.

In the age of intelligent marketing, customer engagement is not just about marketing. That’s why Marketing Cloud Engagement is part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, the only platform that enables companies to manage customer engagement across the complete journey: marketing, sales, commerce, and service.

This module is all about helping you understand what Marketing Cloud Engagement is and how it can support both your organization and your customers. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Marketing Cloud Engagement?

Salesforce for Marketing is built on the world's #1 CRM platform. It enables you to know your customer, personalize with intelligence, and engage across the entire journey. It’s the only integrated customer engagement platform that enables you to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale on every channel, from email to web, mobile, social, and digital advertising. Marketing Cloud Engagement covers it all. 

With Marketing Cloud Engagement, you can do things like:

  • Connect known and unknown profiles to gain a unified view of the customer.
  • Leverage data and Einstein artificial intelligence to make every interaction relevant.
  • Create two-way, real-time engagement when and where the customer wants.
  • Measure, report, and optimize on marketing performance, impact, and customer loyalty.

Check out this short video to see Marketing Cloud Engagement in action.

Marketing Cloud Engagement Products

You’ve learned that Marketing Cloud Engagement empowers you to know, personalize, and engage across every customer touchpoint. Now let’s take a look at the individual products.

Product How it Rocks Marketing
Advertising Studio
Use CRM to securely power 1-to-1 advertising across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Display at scale.
Data Cloud
Achieve a single, actionable view of your customer using Data Cloud.
Marketing Cloud Intelligence
Enable cross-platform marketing intelligence by unifying data sources, visualizing AI-powered insights, and creating actionable reports to drive ROI.
Email Studio
Use data from every department to build smarter email—from basic marketing campaigns to sophisticated 1-to-1 messages.
Google Analytics 360
Gain cross-channel insights for seamless customer journeys with Google Analytics 360 + Marketing Cloud Engagement.
Marketing Cloud Personalization
Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management—driving valuable engagement at the right moment.
Journey Builder
Deliver cross-channel personalized experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle with campaign management.
Mobile Studio
Send consistent SMS, push, and chat app messages in real-time.

Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence. Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization.

You don’t have to be a big company to use Marketing Cloud Engagement. Whether you’re a marketing team of one or 100 (or 1,000), Marketing Cloud Engagement can help you grow your company.

Marketing Cloud Engagement Rocks the Simple

If you want to target one or two particular channels, such as email or mobile, then Marketing Cloud Engagement can help you do that with Email Studio and Mobile Studio. You don’t have to use the entire suite of products all at once—use only the products that meet your needs. Think about how you want to engage your customers. Where are your customers? What’s the best way to reach them? What level of customer interaction are you looking to achieve? 

Marketing Cloud Engagement Rocks the Complex

Marketing Cloud Engagement sends over 1.5 billion emails a day. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s 1.5 billion targeted, personalized, and engaging emails every day—that’s the opposite of spam email. But do you need to reach your customers through other digital channels? We call that cross-channel marketing, and we have just the products to help you—mobile, social, advertising, and the web.

However, for organizations that sell and market through large partner networks, such as franchisees, financial advisors, insurance agents, or resellers, it’s a challenge to deliver seamless customer engagement at scale. Distributed Marketing from Salesforce makes it simple for brands to deliver consistent experiences across corporate marketing and local partners networks—all on the Customer Success Platform.

Is Marketing Cloud Engagement Right for You?

To answer that question, let’s ask a different one: Do you need to reach your individual customers in a more personalized way, at scale? If the answer is yes, then Marketing Cloud Engagement is not only right for you, but we built it just for you! 

When customers spend money on your products and services, they enter into a relationship with you. You want to build and cultivate that relationship to drive trust, loyalty, and ultimately increase lifetime customer value. Marketing Cloud Engagement can help you build those relationships with your current and prospective customers, users, and subscribers. 

Whether you’re trying to identify new customers or cultivate existing relationships, you can use Marketing Cloud Engagement to connect to your customer through email, mobile, social, advertising, and the web—all in one place. Create a complete customer journey with automation and analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence technology.

Read on to find out what it means to seamlessly engage customers across the entire journey by connecting marketing, commerce, service, sales, and communities.


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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