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Maintain Your Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification for Winter ’23

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Expand email reporting with new dimensions and measurements in Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports.
  • Use Einstein Send Time Optimization with Automation Studio.
  • Manage file locations and security credentials with File Locations REST API.
  • Identify criteria for deactivated automations with repeated failures.
  • Use local weather to promote your content.

Salesforce Certification

If you hold the Marketing Cloud Administrator credential, keep in mind that you need to complete this module by the due date to maintain your certification. Another important part of maintaining your credential is ensuring your Trailhead and Webassessor accounts are linked.

Interested in learning more about getting certified? Check out the Marketing Cloud Administrator credential.


While anyone can earn this badge, this module is designed for those who hold the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification.

Protect the Integrity of Your Certification

The quality of our certification exams and the value our credentials provide are our highest priority. Protecting the security and confidentiality of our exams is essential to providing our customers with credentials that are respected and industry-leading.

As a participant of the Salesforce Certification Program, you’re required to accept the terms of the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement. Please review the Salesforce certification exam-taking policies in the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct Trailhead Help article for more details.

Salesforce introduced a ton of great feature enhancements over the past year. Let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.

Expand Email Reporting with New Dimensions and Measurements in Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports

Create new types of breakdowns with the expanded list of email dimensions and measurements. For example, create a report on send performance by device type or compare open and click totals. Users with a Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports Advanced license can use the new measurements and dimensions when customizing dashboards and when creating calculated measurements and dimensions.

Where: This change applies to Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports for Marketing Cloud in Pro, Corporate, and Enterprise editions.

Use Einstein Send Time Optimization with Automation Studio

Now you can use Einstein Send Time Optimization for your bulk and batch send emails from Automation Studio. This feature sends the emails to your contacts at the best predicted time for each individual to maximize engagement.

How: Configure your Einstein Send Time Optimization in the Automation Studio Send Email Activity. You select the best send window, and Einstein does the rest.

Manage File Locations and Security Credentials with File Locations REST API

Use the new File Locations REST API to rotate and manage access keys such as Amazon S3 credentials and external SFTP usernames and passwords. You can also create, manage, and delete file locations for file transfer. These API requests require File Locations READ and WRITE permissions in Installed Packages in your Marketing Cloud account.

Identify Criteria for Deactivated Automations with Repeated Failures

When activities in a scheduled or triggered automation fail repeatedly over an extended time period, the automation is automatically deactivated to improve system stability and performance. 

Repeatedly Failing Automations Are Automatically Deactivated

When an automation is deactivated, you receive an email from Marketing Cloud.

An inactive automation can’t run again until it’s fixed and reactivated. This feature is automatically turned on for all accounts and can’t be turned off.

When: Marketing Cloud began deactivating repeatedly failing automations in the weeks following the Summer ’22 release.

How: An automation is deactivated when it meets all these criteria.

  • Fails at least 30 times
  • Has a 100% failure rate for at least 30 days
  • Failures caused by system errors don't count toward either of these metrics

Use Local Weather to Promote Your Content

In Einstein Content Selection, personalize and promote your content based on local weather conditions, including forecasts for temperature, precipitation, and alarms for events, such as thunderstorms. Use indices to rate conditions, like Biking = Excellent, or UV Index = High. Then, Einstein selects matching values for contacts based on forecasts.


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