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Allow Members to View Membership Details

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to use Experience Cloud to create a Loyalty member portal.
  • Describe how to share program details with members using a loyalty member site.

Give Members the Best Seat in the House

Mary and Linda have finished setting up their loyalty program, and Mary has learned how to manage the program daily. Linda extended her helping hand by automating a few of the processes.

There’s only one thing left on Mary’s wishlist, she wants to provide members with live updates about their program membership. She can email the program members every day, but that might be overkill. She’s looking for a solution that lets members view their membership details whenever they want to.

Once again she falls back on Linda for guidance.

Meet the Loyalty Member Portal

Cloud Kicks already uses Experience Cloud sites to share various kinds of information with customers. Linda can create something similar for loyalty customers to help them view the details of the program.

Linda takes a quick look at the Experience Cloud site templates that shipped with Loyalty Management. To her amazement, she finds a template called the Loyalty Member Portal. She can use this template to create a site that shows members their loyalty program details, points balance, recent transactions, and currently assigned tiers.

The Loyalty Member Portal Experience Cloud template.

Linda uses the template to get started on the site. She names it Cloud Kicks Inner Circle. 

Since Mary is planning to only roll out a single loyalty program this year, Linda just needs to complete one simple step to populate the site with the loyalty program-specific data. Linda associates the Cloud Kicks Inner Circle program with the Cloud Kicks Inner Circle site on the loyalty program’s record page.


Only one loyalty program can be associated with an Experience Cloud site.

An excited Linda shows off the new site for members of the Cloud Kicks Inner Circle loyalty program. Here’s what the customers see when they open the site.

The Cloud Kicks Inner Circle site with the view of Adria Darby’s membership details.

Linda has another surprise up her sleeve. Linda uses her Experience Cloud knowledge to customize the site to add Cloud Kicks branding and other company-specific details.

Set Sail with Loyalty Management

Mary and Linda have set up Cloud Kicks’s loyalty program in a matter of days. Once Linda provided Mary with the required permissions, Mary:

  • Set up a loyalty program
    • Set up tier groups and tiers
    • Set up currencies
    • Associated partners to the loyalty program
    • Added loyalty program members
  • Set up rewards
    • Set up benefit types, benefits, and associate the benefits with tiers
    • Created voucher definitions
    • Created promotions and learned how promotions can be distributed
  • Reviewed the quick actions and processes
    • Learned about the quick actions available with Loyalty Management
    • Learned about the out of the box Loyalty Management processes

And Linda figured out:

  • How to set up specific Loyalty Management processes
  • How to use Data Processing Engine, Decision Table, and Batch Management
  • How to extend the Loyalty Member Portal Experience Cloud template

Wrapping Up

Salesforce Loyalty Management is customizable, easy to set up and configure, and easy to maintain. With Loyalty Management, you can not only keep your customers engaged but your partners as well. You can also reward customers at the right time by using the method of your choice. After you’ve set up your loyalty program, you can use automated processes to ensure that Loyalty Management crunches all the numbers in the background, so they are available to you when required.

Now that you’ve seen how Cloud Kicks set up a successful loyalty program, you’re ready to kickstart your own. Here’s wishing you luck!


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