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Use Scheduler in the Public Sector

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List the challenges of large-scale diagnostic testing.
  • Explain the use of Salesforce Scheduler for large-scale diagnostic testing.

More Tests, Better Control

It’s a cold and rainy winter, and the state of Metroland (an imaginary one for this unit) in the US is witnessing a surge of seasonal flu cases. The government has a seemingly insurmountable task at hand. The state has a population of nearly 12 million and there’s an urgent need to ramp up flu testing so that more people showing symptoms can be tested, and accurate data can be gathered about the infection rate.

Although the state has a large number of test centers, the government must ensure that the tests are tracked, and that both physicians and patients can quickly schedule a diagnostic test at a convenient location and time. 

Fortunately, Salesforce Scheduler is there to help. As many public sector offices and clinics are powered by Salesforce already, Metroland’s government decides to use Salesforce Scheduler to streamline testing.

Testing the Scheduler Way with Concurrent Booking

Given the increasing number of cases and its massive population, how exactly can Metroland implement Salesforce Scheduler to centralize the testing and make the experience glitch-free? The government is aware that it isn’t feasible to do more than a certain number of tests per hour without compromising the patient’s experience. 

With Scheduler, all the test centers are available for booking online by both physicians and patients. Using concurrent scheduling, the government defines the operating hours of each test center and the number of tests that can be offered in an hour, based on caregiver availability and other factors. 

Salesforce Scheduler shows the combined availability of test centers and caregivers, allowing patients to simply choose a convenient time and the nearest available test center. Behind the scenes, Scheduler also books an available room at the test center for the appointment.

As you can see, Scheduler is a multi-industry tool, and appointment booking is crucial to the customer experience. Armed with appointment scheduling features that just work, Scheduler can make a big difference in the way customers interact with your brand.


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