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Get Started with Salesforce Scheduler Customizations

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of customizing Salesforce Scheduler.
  • Change the label of a work type group.
  • Add a work type group.
  • Change the icon of At a Branch appointment type.

Why Customize?

You’ve just bought an awesome pair of jeans, but they are slightly long for you. What do you do? You adjust the hem so that your new jeans fit you perfectly. It’s the same with software. Usually you are going to customize it so it fits you better.

Although Salesforce Scheduler is good at what it does, there are several ways you can customize it to fit your specific business needs.

Ready to get started? Let’s follow along with Matt, the lead admin at Cumulus Cloud Bank, as he takes some steps to customize Salesforce Scheduler for his company. 

Things to Change

At Cumulus Cloud Bank, Matt has got Salesforce Scheduler up and running. So far, Salesforce Scheduler has made appointment scheduling easier—it’s saving the bank time and tedious grunt work. Although Scheduler’s doing a fine job, there are several areas where the bank's management would prefer a different approach. They’ve given Matt this list of requests.

  1. Change a label: The user interface refers to the topic of an appointment as Work Type Group. Change it to something simpler, such as Appointment Topic. That’s going to make it self-explanatory to both bankers and customers who are scheduling appointments.
  2. Create an appointment subtopic: An increasing number of customers are interested in discussing mutual fund investments with Cumulus Bank. Can mutual fund investment be made a separate appointment subtopic?
  3. Change an icon: Change the icon that shows up for Branch on the Select Appointment Type screen when scheduling an appointment. Replace the default icon with one that more closely represents an in-person appointment at the bank branch.
  4. Change the default time zone: Several high-net-worth customers have moved to another country. Change their time zones accordingly so that they have a smooth experience scheduling appointments with the bank.
  5. Sync calendars: Have the appointments show up on employees’ Outlook accounts and set Scheduler to avoid conflicts with their existing events.
  6. Tweak flows: Customize flows to achieve the following: Have appointment topic Wealth Management preselected, set default appointment type to Video, change distance unit for appointment location, and hide the time zone selection option.
  7. Set up automatic assignment of advisors and hide their names: Customers scheduling appointments with the bank need not select from a list of advisors or know their names. Assign advisors automatically behind-the-scenes, and hide their names.

That’s quite a list! But Matt’s confident he can make each of those changes. He starts at the top. 

Labels Matter

In this module, we assume you are a Salesforce admin with the proper permissions to customize Salesforce Scheduler. If you’re not an admin, that’s OK. Read along to learn how your administrator would take the steps in a production org. Don't try to follow these steps in your Trailhead Playground. Although Salesforce Scheduler is available in the Trailhead Playground, the Trailhead Playground does not include the data that we reference in this module.

When creating an appointment in Salesforce Scheduler, users choose the topic of discussion. In the Salesforce Scheduler user interface (UI), they select a topic from the Work Type Group. But this label doesn’t make much sense to the all-new users of Salesforce Scheduler at Cumulus Cloud Bank. 

Here’s what Matt does to rename it.

  1. From Setup, enter Rename Tabs and Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Rename Tabs and Labels.
  2. Under Standard tabs, Click Edit next to the label you want to change. For this change, it’s Work Type Group.
  3. Enter the new tab names in both the Singular and Plural fields. Matt enters Appointment Topic and Appointment Topics respectively.
  4. Click Save.

The Rename Tabs and Labels section.

All users now see Appointment Topic instead of Work Type Group throughout the user interface of Salesforce Scheduler. Here’s an example of what it looks like.

The Schedule Appointment window showing the change in name of Work Type Group.


Any change you make to the label or tab is reflected throughout the user-facing Salesforce Scheduler interface. You can also change the labels or tabs for other languages.

A New Topic to Talk About

An increasing number of customers are interested in discussing mutual fund investments with Cumulus Bank. Even though Salesforce Scheduler offers the subtopic General Investing, the team wants to create a new Mutual Fund Investment subtopic under Wealth Management for greater clarity. A clearly defined appointment topic also helps advisors prepare for the meeting. And if the assigned advisor isn’t available for any reason, another with the same expertise can fill in.

The Wealth Management topic showing subtopics Retirement Planning and General Investing.

Matt creates the subtopic first in Setup and then adds it to the list of appointment topics under Wealth Management. Here’s how. 

  1. In Setup, click Object Manager, and select Work Type Group. Since Matt has renamed Work Type Group to Appointment Topic, he selects the latter.
  2. Select Fields & Relationships, then Additional Information.
  3. In the Additional Information Picklist Values section, click New.
  4. Enter the required values. Matt enters Mutual Fund Investment.
  5. Click Save.

The section Additional Information Picklist Values showing appointment topics.


You can also change the order of appointment subtopics by clicking Reorder.

With the new subtopic created, Matt adds it to the Wealth Management parent topic.

  1. From the home page, go to the tab Work Type Group. Since Matt has renamed Work Type Group to Appointment Topic, he selects the latter.
  2. Select the desired appointment topic. Matt selects Wealth Management.
  3. In the Details tab, click the edit icon next to Additional Information.
  4. Select Mutual Fund Investment and click the forward arrow under Available to move it to the Chosen column.
  5. Click Save.

The Details page of appointment topic Wealth Management showing the topics available and chosen.

Easy, peasy! Mutual Fund Investment shows up as one of the appointment topics under Wealth Management during appointment booking.

Icon Change

When it’s time to select an appointment type, users choose from Phone, At a Branch, or Video. Management wants to replace the two-user image with a different icon for the At a Branch type. 

The Select Appointment Type window showing the appointment types available.

Here’s what Matt does to change it.

  1. Go to the Utility Icons page and note the name of the icon you want to change. Matt selects the checkin icon and jots down its name.
  2. From Setup, go to Object Manager and select Work Type.
  3. Click Fields & Relationships.
  4. Click Default Appointment Type.
  5. In the section Default Appointment Type Picklist Values, click Edit next to the value you want to edit.
  6. In the field API name, enter the icon name. Matt enters checkin.
  7. Click Save.

The Default Appointment Type window showing the API name changed to checkin.

To make sure it’s working, Matt attempts to schedule a test appointment. And the new icon’s there! Here’s what the change looks like.

The Select Appointment Type window showing the appointment types available.

Pretty neat. In the next unit, we take a look at changing time zone settings.


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