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Learn How Salesforce Uses Large Language Models

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose the correct LLM option for your business.
  • Describe the limitations of the available LLM options.

Choose the Best Large Language Model

Choosing the right model for the right task will help you get started with generative AI faster. Salesforce provides deployment capabilities for any relevant LLM while also helping companies maintain their data privacy, security, residency, and compliance goals.

Many LLMs may need to be used depending on different use cases. Customers will want to deploy LLMs in different ways because they may have certain data residency concerns.

The Right LLM for the Right Task. Shared Trus: Data retained in Salesforce with joint moderation. Salesforce Hosted: Globally on Hyperforce, AWS, Anthropic, Salesforce, Cohere. Bring Your Own Model: Your model, your infrastructure, Amazon SageMaker, Vertex AI.

Use Salesforce Shared LLMs

Salesforce shared LLMs are a way to access LLMs across the internet. Salesforce pioneered this with our partner OpenAI. Salesforce uses a secure gateway to travel across the internet to ask its amazing LLMs for a response.

Einstein lets customers use Salesforce LLMs developed by Salesforce AI Research to power advanced capabilities, such as code generation and business process automation assistance, fundamentally transforming how businesses interact with their CRM software. Salesforce LLMs, including CodeGen, CodeT5+, and CodeTF, help companies increase productivity, bridge the talent gap, reduce the cost of implementations, and better detect incidents.

Use Salesforce Hosted Third-Party LLMs

You can also host models inside Salesforce.

As part of Salesforce’s commitment to an open ecosystem, Einstein is designed to host LLMs from Amazon, Anthropic, Cohere, and others—entirely within the Salesforce infrastructure. Einstein will help maintain customer prompts and responses in the Salesforce infrastructure. In addition, Salesforce and OpenAI have established a shared trust partnership to deliver content through the Einstein Trust Layer.

Bring Your Own Model

If you are already investing in your own model, the bring your own model (BYOM) option can help.

You can benefit from Einstein even if you’ve trained your own domain-specific models outside of Salesforce while storing data on your own infrastructure. These models, whether running through Amazon SageMaker or Google Vertex AI, will connect directly to Einstein through the Einstein Trust Layer. In this scenario, customer data can remain within the customers’ trust boundaries.

The BYOM options are changing and fast! Keep an eye on the resources for new updates.


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