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Boost Productivity with Generative AI

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how generative AI informs and inspires marketing campaigns.
  • Identify ways gen AI creates assets and copy tailored for target demographics.
  • Explain how gen AI translation assists with writing code, comments, and test cases.

Craft Customized Comms for Marketing

A marketing team’s mission is to widely share an idea in a way that inspires action. They craft messages in the form of web pages, emails, social media posts, and more. Along with managing diverse channels, they have to reach a diverse audience. Getting it right requires both effort and no small amount of creativity. That’s why there’s an enormous opportunity for gen AI to boost the signal of any marketing org.

Creating a marketing campaign that resonates with your target audience is an art. And even artists need inspiration. Gen AI is a valuable tool to bring the perfect campaign idea to the surface. For example, gen AI can summarize trends across social media channels of your target audience.

These trends, along with AI sentiment analysis, can help identify positive social conversations worth joining. You can even prompt the gen AI to draw a connection between those trends and descriptions of your own products and services. They won’t be the final form of your campaign, but they might inspire paths you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Once you have a direction for your campaign, you need a lot of assets, including copy for blog posts, web pages, and social media. Gen AI accelerates the creation of these assets immensely. When you require a piece of content, give gen AI extensive guidance to get just what you need, which is also known as grounding the prompt. Consider providing gen AI with the following information.

  • What goals you want to achieve
  • How the reader/viewer is related to your org
  • What kind of tone should it take
  • Which product/service/idea you’re trying to promote
  • What medium the content is delivered through

Some of these details will stay the same across channels, which creates consistency in your messaging. But by tweaking the medium and length, you can have gen AI create a snappy social media post one minute, and an informative blog post the next.

You can get even more granular when you message individuals directly. Let gen AI craft highly customized reach-outs by using data you have about the customer. That could be prior purchases, attendance at events, or details about in-progress sales opportunities. Gen AI can even adopt a writing style based on historic interactions with the customer. Chatbot logs, help tickets, and meeting transcripts can all have a second life by guiding gen AI output.

Finally, marketing teams often create temporary landing pages for events. In addition to needing copy for these event pages, the pages themselves need to be constructed. Gen AI can do that too. By translating natural language into functional code, it can help build pages quickly even if they include technical aspects like signup forms and system integrations. Now your marketing team can spend more time being creative, and less trying to wrangle webpages.

Gen AI lets your team focus on what matters.

Incorporate Gen AI Into Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) departments implement and maintain the systems that all other teams use to do their jobs. So improving the IT department’s workflows helps everyone work better. Here, gen AI has a multiplying effect.

The powerful language capabilities of gen AI are just as useful for teams like IT that tend to speak in terms of code, scripts, and queries. These are other standard languages with their own semantics and rules that gen AI can be trained to understand, which allows for amazing translation applications.

Code Generation

Before programmers create a single variable, they know what their code should do. They know the use cases, inputs, and outputs. That information, written in plain language, is often enough for gen AI to create code in the language of your choosing. Plug-ins for integrated development environments (IDEs) already exist that let coders describe a function within their existing code, and gen AI creates new inline code for that function. Even if the programmer could write it themselves, and even though they still have to test generated output, the time savings is worth using gen AI. For beginners, a one-for-one translation is a fantastic learning tool. Novices now have the ability to use sophisticated code and queries in their projects. In many ways, gen AI is a great equalizer.

Technology Conversion

Inevitably, the march of time brings new technologies. Every IT department must replace tech at some time, and the conversion can be painful. Gen AI makes the process easier. Whether you need to update legacy code, or convert it into a whole new language, gen AI can do the heavy lifting. And when gen AI understands the languages of two disparate systems, it can help create integrations that keep data flowing efficiently.

Human-Readable Content

Translation between natural language and code goes both ways—it’s possible to turn code into easy-to-read sentences. Code can be challenging to decipher, and not everyone comments code very well (or at all). Programmers can easily add comments to code with the help of gen AI, even if the code isn’t theirs to begin with. Also, it’s helpful to share expected inputs and outputs with a wider audience. Documentation and in-app help text can be supplemented with gen AI.

Test Case Creation

IT solutions need testing during development and future updates, and creating both test cases and the scripts that run them is yet another job for gen AI. Gen AI’s ability to create variations allows it to explore edge cases that might otherwise have been overlooked. Gen AI can also create large amounts of sample data to run through your systems for a more realistic testing situation. This testing combination will help ensure a system’s robustness at every step of its deployment.

Gen AI can learn and contribute to the code, scripts, and queries that IT departments use, assisting in deploying solutions that improve efficiency.

Look to the Future

It’s likely gen AI will soon play a role in the workflow of teams in your organization. It promises to reduce the time spent on mundane tasks, while also inspiring creativity. Its ability to widely generate content makes the real challenge finding ways to judiciously apply the technology. Now that you’ve explored how organizations are using gen AI, you can chart a path forward.


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