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Test New Releases in a Sandbox

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Test changes before each major release by signing up for a sandbox.
  • Sign up for additional release support via Premier Success.

Create a Sandbox to Preview the Release

Matt knows the importance of testing. Through testing he can make sure that his existing org works with the new Salesforce update before he releases it to his users. But how can he test it? Matt can preview new releases via a sandbox. A sandbox is a version of your production org that you copy into a test environment. Salesforce upgrades, or refreshes, the sandbox org to major releases early so you can use that time to test to your heart’s content. 

Exactly How Much Time Do I Get to Test?

That depends on the type of sandbox you use. Salesforce refreshes preview sandboxes a month before each major release. We refresh regular, nonpreview sandboxes toward the end of the release cycle. Matt wants the full month to test, so he opts to create a preview sandbox. 

Most customers with Professional Edition and above can have several sandboxes. Matt checks to see if he has any sandboxes. He’s still learning about Financial Services Cloud, so he’s using a trial org right now. That’s OK. He can create a sandbox from a trial org just like customers can from a regular org. You can create a sandbox too by following along in your free 30-day Financial Services Cloud trial.

Here are the steps Matt takes to create a sandbox.

  1. Click Setup, and then click Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, enter sandboxes, and select Sandboxes. The Sandboxes page shows you the number of available sandbox licenses and sandboxes you have already set up.  Sandboxes page with 25 available sandbox licenses and a new button.
  3. Click New Sandbox.
  4. Enter QA as the name and For previewing and testing new releases as the description.
  5. Click Next under the type of sandbox you wish to create. Matt selects a Developer sandbox.
    If you don’t see the type of sandbox you want, contact your Salesforce account executive to order more sandboxes.
  6. Click Create to finish.

To learn more about sandbox types and creating and using sandboxes, check out the Salesforce Release Readiness Strategies module.

Once your sandbox is set up, you can refresh it as a preview sandbox in Setup a month before the upcoming release. Note that there are some restrictions on the types of sandboxes you can refresh. Watch Salesforce Blogs for notices and more instructions on creating preview sandboxes. Our blogs typically publish this information a little over a month before each planned major release. Follow those instructions to sign up. Then wait for your preview and test away!

Getting More Help

If you’d like an additional level of support for the release management and development process, consider our premier success plan. Contact your Salesforce account executive for more information.

Now that you’ve learned about the Salesforce release cycle and some steps to prepare your org for the update, you’re ready to  get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the next blockbuster Financial Services Cloud release.


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