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Get the Scoop on Security

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe why security habits are important.
  • Create security habits to help you become a successful Salesforce admin.
  • Build a calendar of your security habits that can help you become a successful Salesforce admin.

Learn Security Habits

The quiz at the end of this unit asks questions related to the content of this video. Be sure to watch the video so you get the information you need to answer the scenario-based questions.

Key timestamps: 

  • 00:40 - Introduction to Security
  • 03:48 - Habit: Communicate Regularly with IT
  • 05:48 - Habit: Review Access and Visibility
  • 08:13 - Habit: Learn Continuously
  • 10:04 - Build Your Security Habits Calendar



Larissa just started her first job out of college as a customer service rep for Cloud Kicks. She’ll be working out of its call center, which is just a block away from her new apartment. IT set her up with an email address and a temporary login for Salesforce. They let her know that she needed to update the temporary Salesforce password.

Since Larissa had a lot of new apps and devices to set up on her first day, she used the same password for all of her logins. After all, she didn’t want to be embarrassed by being locked out on the first day. With all her apps and credentials set up, she was ready to take her first call in the call center.

When Larissa arrives home she realizes she totally forgot to log her last call notes and send a task to the fulfillment department. She quickly logs in to Salesforce from her personal computer, and in just a few clicks she logs her call notes. Now that she’s finished, she can stream that new movie everyone was talking about!

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