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Get Acquainted with Actionable Analytics

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe why analytics habits are important.
  • Create analytics habits to help you become a successful Salesforce admin.
  • Establish a communication plan based on actionable analytics.
  • Build a calendar of your actionable analytics habits that can help you become a successful Salesforce admin.

Learn Actionable Analytics Habits

The quiz at the end of this unit asks questions related to the content of this video. Be sure to watch the video so you get the information you need to answer the scenario-based questions.

Key timestamps: 

  • 0:40 - Introduction to Actionable Analytics
  • 2:44 - Habit: Conduct Quarterly Business Review
  • 5:20 - Habit: Confirm and Update KPIs
  • 6:56 - Habit: Review and Update Key Reports and Dashboards
  • 9:48 - Build Your Actionable Analytics Habits Calendar



Elliot just wrapped up his Quarterly Business Review with Moira, SVP of Customer Experience at Get Cloudy Consulting. During their meeting Moira showed Elliot the outline for a new tier of customer service that their sales reps would be offering starting next year.

In addition to the new tier of service, Moira also wants to roll out a directive that her sales meetings be centered around a Salesforce Dashboard, but expressed concern that her reps were all seeing different dashboard metrics.

Moira also needs to report back to the board about how Salesforce was being utilized and was open to suggestions from Elliot about what data to show. Moira asks Elliot to think about a Q1 communication plan for these changes, and suggests everything be posted to one webpage on their company intranet.

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