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Get Started with Einstein Search

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein Search makes users more productive.
  • Describe some key features of Einstein Search.
  • Explain how Einstein Search features work together.

Get better search results with Einstein.

Einstein Search adds the power of AI to Salesforce search. Einstein Search is enabled by default in Lightning Experience and with it, users get the search features they’re familiar with plus the advantages of these strategic features: Personalization, an Actionable Instant Results, and Natural Language Search. 

Searching has always been a part of life. Finding things you need to finish a task or solve a problem isn't always easy. If, for example, you own an overly active cat, and you want to buy it a pair of knee-high athletic cat socks, do you look under “pet supplies”? “Animal clothes”? “Knee-high athletic socks—tiny?” 

We have search engines like Google and Yahoo! to provide us with instant answers. But even with modern technology, we all spend too much time searching and not enough time doing. Whether we’re trying to find our keys in a messy apartment, circling the block endlessly for a parking space, or trying to find a local knee-high cat sock retailer, we get frustrated by empty results, near-misses, and misleading solutions. In both daily life and in business, inefficient searches mean wasted time, lowered productivity, greater inaccuracy, and increased uncertainty.

Acme Brand knee-high athletic socks for cats

Salesforce has powerful search capabilities, with results that connect users to cases, articles, accounts and beyond. But even regular search requires some elbow grease. You may still need to sort through lists to find the one item you need, set up multiple list views, or if you’re an admin, do a lot of groundwork to ensure accurate searches. In short, regular search is powerful, but not always super smart. Now, search is Einstein smart.

Personal, Natural, Actionable: What Sets Einstein Search Apart

Einstein Search brings the power of AI to search with:

  • Personalization. Users see results that are ordered based on the objects and records they work with most. The order of search results differs for each individual, but no results are filtered away. Results are only reordered to be more relevant for you.
  • Natural Language Search. Users get search results by entering everyday, common words and phrases in the search box instead of a string of unconnected keywords. The search gives you quick access to lists of records so that you can find the information that you want.
  • Actionable Instant Results. Users get instant access to record previews, actions, quick links, and suggested searches as soon as they put their cursor in the search box. Users can quickly and easily take action on these records, without the need to dig through heaps of data. Instant results are not a complete list of records. If you don’t see the record you’re looking for, perform a full search by hitting Enter.

There’s no additional cost for Einstein Search. It’s on by default with Lightning Experience with several editions of Salesforce. Knee-high athletic cat socks cost more to purchase than Einstein Search.

But what if you don’t want tailored search results? What if you want those long, extensive, varied search results? No worries—Einstein Search doesn’t discard results or filter them away. They’re still there if you need them. 

The bottom line is this: Einstein Search makes searches faster, easier, and more accurate. That makes users more productive. In fact, analysis shows that Einstein Search can boost productivity up to 50%. And that saves time and money.

Next, let’s take a closer look at Einstein Search.

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