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The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofits

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover fundraising insights.
  • Describe the basics of how Einstein for Nonprofits predicts the likelihood of a contact to become a first-time, recurring, or top donor.

Intelligence Inbound

Your organization generates troves of data about your donors and their gifts. But in all that information, can you find the fundraising insights that advance your mission?

Enter Einstein for Nonprofits, which brings the power of Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) to organizations like yours. With AI, nonprofits can deliver smart, personalized, and predictive messages and fundraising appeals to their supporters. 

Not familiar with Einstein? It’s built into Salesforce and automatically uncovers insights, predicts outcomes, recommends next steps, and helps automate tasks. The data you’re already collecting in Salesforce can fuel Einstein’s AI models to deliver insights to you and your colleagues. 

Einstein for Nonprofits brings Einstein’s AI power to you in an integrated way, as part of our set of trusted nonprofit solutions.

Einstein for Nonprofits is currently available only as part of the Nonprofit Cloud curated solution, a preselected set of products and features that give you the foundation you need to have a unified view of your contacts and manage your fundraising, marketing campaigns, programs, and grantmaking in Salesforce. (Check out the Salesforce for Nonprofits Basics Trailhead module linked in Resources and talk with your Salesforce Account Executive to learn more.)

In this module we’ll explore what Einstein for Nonprofits can do for your organization and how it works.

Einstein for Nonprofits Basics

Einstein for Nonprofits gives you three key predictions:

  • The likelihood of a contact to become a first-time donor
  • The likelihood of a contact to become a recurring donor
  • The likelihood of a contact to become a top donor

A contact record with the Predictive Metrics component

Einstein for Nonprofits produces these predictions by analyzing data stored in the custom fields provided by Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), which is required for Einstein for Nonprofits to work.

How Does Einstein for Nonprofits Work?

Every organization uses Salesforce differently with custom fields and objects, so Einstein for Nonprofits references the common NPSP fields on the Contact, Opportunity, and Recurring Donation objects in your Salesforce instance to make its predictions.

It then uses the included Einstein Prediction Builder to make a prediction about how likely a contact is to become a first-time donor, recurring donor, or top donor. Each of these predictions uses different criteria. To illustrate one example, let’s examine—at a high level—how Einstein for Nonprofits determines who is likely to become a recurring donor. Everyone wants more recurring donors, right?

Einstein for Nonprofits examines data on current and potential recurring donors’ contact records, including how much they’ve given and their first gift date. Einstein then takes this data to find trends and suggests that the contact might be ready to become a recurring donor.

This isn’t a one-time determination, either. As your giving data changes, Einstein learns and adapts with it. The more data you have, the more it learns and the more accurate its predictions become. All of this happens within Einstein on its own, without direct training from you or your colleagues.

After your Salesforce Admin installs and configures Einstein for Nonprofits, you can access predictions in multiple ways: you can find them on individual contact records, or report on them. Imagine how you might use predictions for person-to-person outreach or as segments in marketing campaigns for more effective fundraising. Find out more about the possibilities with these Resources.



Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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