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Explore Engagement Scoring

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of Engagement Scoring.
  • Explain how engagement predictions have shifted due to privacy regulations.
  • Navigate the email engagement dashboard.

Einstein Engagement Scoring

Einstein Engagement Scoring is a data-driven feature that helps you increase engagement and conversions. This scoring model uses customer data and machine learning to assign subscribers a score that predicts their likelihood to open an email, click a link, stay subscribed, or convert once they’ve landed on your website. You can use these scores to do some pretty cool things.

  • Predict engagement. Use advanced data science to track, segment, and target audiences for specific campaigns.
  • Gain audience insights. Understand the factors that predict engagement, spot trends, and measure audience health.
  • Take action on the data. Use scores to create audiences, target persona segments, split paths in Journey Builder, and personalize content.

Einstein and Privacy Updates

Before we learn more about engagement scoring, it’s important to know we’ve updated our Einstein algorithms due to changes in consumer privacy features. Some email client providers are making privacy changes that can impact open rates, making email opens a less reliable engagement signal. Einstein now uses engagement and unsubscribe rates instead of solely open rates. This makes for a more nuanced metric with better accuracy. 


Want to learn more about consumer privacy and regulation updates? Check out the Marketing and Consumer Privacy badge.

Before You Begin

In this module, we assume you are a Marketing Cloud Engagement user with the proper permissions to use Einstein features. If you’re not, that’s OK. Read along to learn how you would take the steps in a production org. Don’t try to follow these steps in your Trailhead Playground. Marketing Cloud Engagement isn’t available in the Trailhead Playground. 

And if you haven’t already activated this feature in your account, take the Marketing Cloud Engagment Einstein Activation: Quick Look badge to get started with all Einstein features. If you already have 90 days of email engagement data in your account or if you are using global modeling data, then you are ready to go. If not, you need to wait until you do. Start that countdown clock. 

You’ll receive an email notification once your account is ready (about 48 hours after you’ve activated and have the required data). Then, two new data extensions are created in the JourneyIQ folder. The data extensions are called MC_Einstein_Predictive_Scores and Einstein_MC_MobilePush_Scores. You can use these data extensions to build filtered data extensions for segmentation and specific persona-based campaigns. Stay tuned, we cover personas later. 

Einstein Engagement Scoring for Email 

Once your account is ready, it’s time to head to the Einstein Engagement Scoring dashboard to check out engagement data for email and mobile. In Marketing Cloud Engagement, from the Einstein tab click Einstein Engagement Scoring. Then choose either the Email or Mobile tab. Let’s start with the email dashboard and review each tile and feature. 

Engagement Scoring dashboard with callouts for 5 sections.

(1) Predicted Email Engagement: Displays the size of your population, along with the number of subscribers that fall into one of these personas: dormant/winback, window shopper, selective subscriber, or loyalist. We define the personas later in this badge. 

(2) Subscriber Retention Prediction: Displays the likelihood of your subscribers to stay subscribed to your emails in the next 7 days.

(3) Email Open Prediction: Displays the likelihood your subscribers open an email in the next 7 days, along with audience health. Remember that opens are a less reliable metric for engagement due to privacy updates on some devices and platforms.  

(4) Email Click Prediction: Displays the likelihood your subscribers click an email in the next 7 days, along with audience health. 

(5) Web Conversion Prediction: Displays the likelihood your subscribers convert (make a purchase or download content) in the next 7 days.


Click View Details on any tile in the dashboard for more detail about the predictions.

Next Up: Engagement Scoring for Mobile

Now that you’ve navigated the email dashboard, in the next unit we review the dashboard for mobile Einstein Engagement Scoring.  


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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