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Meet Einstein Conversation Insights for Sales

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the pressures facing sales teams today.
  • Summarize how data-driven selling improves efficiency.
  • Explain conversation intelligence.
  • Illustrate how Einstein Conversation Insights improves sales productivity.

Pressure Is Mounting for Sales Teams in the Digital World

In the current economic landscape, businesses are grappling with difficulties such as inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, regulatory ambiguity, and political disruptions. As sales teams navigate these challenges, they often find themselves fighting an uphill battle, which leads to more stress, reduced sales quotas, and an uptick of people leaving their roles.

A 2022 Gartner survey found that a staggering 90% of sales professionals are experiencing burnout and 54% are actively looking for a new job. Nevertheless, the pressure to meet or exceed quota compels sales teams to maintain their productivity so they can meet performance targets.

So, how can sales teams address these mounting pressures and gain what they need to navigate an unpredictable future? The Gartner Future of Sales report (sign-up required) projects that by 2025, 60% of business-to-business (B2B) sales organizations will shift from relying on experience and intuition to embracing data-driven sales approaches. According to the report, 91% of sellers say intelligent insights speed up deals, while data-driven practices can drive growth by 15%.

90% of sellers burned out, 91% of reps say intelligent insights speed up deals, and 15% growth with data-driven practices.

Data-Driven Sales Through Conversation Intelligence

Customer interactions overflow with data about what customers need, what their questions are, and how they feel about you or your competitors. The data also shows how sales representatives handle objections, address pricing concerns, and present product offerings, which can provide knowledge on how to make teams more efficient.

While data-based insights are pivotal to advancing deals and empowering sales teams, many companies still fail to use this data to its fullest potential. Sellers often find themselves taking notes during sales calls, entering them into the CRM, and sifting through transcripts to identify key takeaways. This process is incredibly manual and time-consuming, which may lead sales teams to lose out on insights that would win more deals.

Luckily, conversation intelligence offers a faster, more effective way to capture this information.

Conversation intelligence helps sales leaders capture and make sense of this data so they can get to the core of sales interactions quickly. By using AI and machine learning, conversation intelligence analyzes conversation recordings, surfaces key moments, highlights useful topics, and delivers insights that drive sales.

Introducing Einstein Conversation Insights

Imagine if you could use conversation intelligence to facilitate more effective sales conversations, make your team more efficient, and set up sellers for more success. With Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights, now you can surface data from key moments from customer interactions to identify important trends, close more deals, and create more productive sales teams.

By analyzing sales call data, Einstein Conversation Insights delivers conversation intelligence directly in the flow of work so that you can:

  • Give sales managers and teams insights about their customer calls and surface coachable moments.
  • Create greater visibility into mentions of competitors, products, custom keywords, pricing discussions, and next steps.
  • Extract conversation trends and visualize insights related to voice and video calls.
  • Identify customer insights to address pipeline gaps and stalled opportunities.
  • Save time by automatically logging and transcribing calls.
  • Improve rep follow-through with next-step notifications and action items.
  • Reduce ramp time by collaborating, providing feedback in context, and sharing best-in-class sales practices.

Einstein Conversation Insights is the tool your sales team needs to sell smarter, automate repetitive tasks, and scale coaching efforts. With the power of AI-driven insights, you can unlock the full potential of your sales conversations and drive business success.

Unblock deals, automate administrative tasks, scale onboarding & coaching, accelerate time-to-close with actionable insights.


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