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Discover Einstein Conversation Insights

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain conversational intelligence.
  • Name the benefits of Einstein Conversation Insights.
  • Describe how Einstein Conversation Insights works.

Image highlighting two statistics: 1. Firms that provide an optimal amount of coaching realize 16.7% greater annual revenue growth. 2. The average sales manager devotes just 9% of his or her time to developing reps.

Everyone wants high performers on their sales team. After all, successful teams are what drives strong sales. So how can you make sure you’re maximizing your sales employee’s performance, especially in a world where virtual selling is on the rise? You need to power your sales coaching with conversational intelligence.

Managers have traditionally leaned on in-person formats for coaching sessions and 1:1s, which are not always scalable or replicable broadly across the sales organization. The rise in remote working has also made the traditional in-person models of coaching no longer feasible. In this module you learn why sales leaders are shifting the way they coach their reps.

What Is Conversational Intelligence?

For years, sales managers have listened to their sales reps’ conversations through ride-alongs or after-the-fact call recordings. By listening to those conversations, sales managers are able to provide critical feedback to sales reps on how to improve their next sales call. In an ideal world, sales managers would have the time and resources to listen to every single call between a sales rep and prospect/customer to understand how each sales rep is selling and handling objections so they can tailor their coaching accordingly. However, no sales manager has that kind of time.

While every minute of the conversation between sales reps and their prospects/customers is relevant, there are certain moments that are pivotal to advancing a deal, such as when pricing or a competitor is brought up. Conversational intelligence helps sales leaders get to the core of sales interactions quickly. 

Conversational intelligence uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze conversation recordings and surface key moments, highlight useful topics, and deliver insights.

Meet Einstein Conversation Insights, your inside sales conversational intelligence feature.

Image of inside sales rep listening to sales calls and Einstein Call Coaching surfacing key moments.

Einstein Conversation Insights

Einstein Conversation Insights is a conversational intelligence feature that’s built in Salesforce Sales Engagement, which is an add-on product to Sales Cloud. It surfaces insights about conversations between sales reps and customers. It allows managers to focus on key moments of the conversation quickly, and easily identify topic trends, such as competitor mentions and product mentions. 

It also enables managers to tailor and personalize coaching. Managers can review the moments of success and the areas for improvement and use those for coaching conversations. These insights can help determine the best practices that should be disseminated, via coaching, or strategic shifts to call scripts or even Sales Cadences.

Einstein Conversation Insights enables your organization to:

  • Coach sales reps to maximum performance
    • Gain visibility into sales reps’ customer interactions by zooming in to key call moments and reviewing objection-handling.
  • Enable best practices at scale
    • Accelerate onboarding, enablement, and continued success by sharing business insights with teams.
  • Unlock market insights
    • Define strategy based on team conversation trends and use those to identify strategies to prepare teams to handle important topics.

Image of the Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching Call Recording Dashboard

How Einstein Conversation Insights Works

It is important to know that Einstein Conversation Insights does not record calls. Rather, it is an AI feature that processes audio recordings and surfaces insights. 

Define Keywords

Sales managers and other stakeholders can work with the Salesforce admin to define keyword insights in three categories: competitors, products, and custom mentions. Einstein Conversation Insights will also track insights for next steps and pricing, which occurs automatically and does not require further configuration.

This is what you are telling Einstein Conversation Insights to listen for in all of your sales calls.

Collect Conversations

Einstein Conversation Insights helps sales organizations collect conversations in one place within Salesforce Sales Engagement, within the CRM. If you are already recording sales calls, you can connect those recordings to Salesforce so that you have those conversations stored in one place. 

This is when Einstein Conversation Insights compiles all of the call recordings.  

Process Recordings

The compiled recordings are then processed by the AI system for transcription and insight detection. 

This is when Einstein Conversation Insights sifts through all of the calls to pull out the key moments you specified with key words.

Analyze Transcriptions

Einstein Conversation Insights will use AI to spot key moments based on keywords and phrases defined by your Salesforce admin.

Currently, Einstein Conversation Insights is only available for English-language recordings and transcription accuracy is optimized for the North American accent.

This is when Einstein Conversation Insights analyzes the key moments you specified.

Surface Post-Call Insights and Recordings

After the transcripts have been analyzed, Einstein Conversation Insights surfaces relevant call recordings and provides insights through multiple dashboard views. If you want to see these dashboards and call recordings, you need to have your admin give you the appropriate feature permissions. 

This is when Einstein Conversation Insights aggregates the analysis and serves it up in an easily digestible format.

Image outlining how Einstein Call Coaching works: 1. Define keywords, 2. Aggregate conversations, 3. Process recordings, 4. Analyze transcripts, 5. Surface post-call insights and recordings


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